9 Ways To Promote Your Event On Social Media

Today, quite a bit of our lives happen online. From shopping to entertainment, 2020 has shaped up to be an incredibly online-focused year for a lot of us, including brands. Brands have been pushing to take all their event promotions online for a while now, but even more so in the last few years.

Brands mainly focus on social media event promotion, as it currently engages 45% of the global population with entertaining content. Brands and event organizers have, for this reason, adapted to this new reality, spending as much as possible on social media promotions. Another advantage of this method of event-promotion is that it comes at little to no cost if done right. 

As in-store purchases dwindled over the last few months, Online and TV activity increased dramatically during. Therefore, social media promotion has become the new normal for brands, and they can reach their target audience by investing more in social media marketing. 

Brands are using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn for engaging with a wider audience and better reach. Not being on social media these days as a brand is not something you can afford to do. Social media is how you connect and interact with your audience and how they interact with you. 

What you post, when and how you post can either make or break your event promotion and you don’t want to post something insensitive or offensive. All content that you post needs to be well-thought out and take into account the current events. 

Once you have your event promotion strategy set-up and ready, here are some ways to do it on social media that will increase your ticket sales, increase brand awareness and show your event attendees that you’re serious about your event.

1. Choose Your  Social Media Channels 

Depending on your event, choosing the right channel will drive the most traffic. Facebook is an excellent channel, as 84% of users are between ages 25 and 30. For a teen event, Snapchat is a better option as 73% of users are between the ages of 18 and 24. Paying attention to the best channel for your event-promotion will prevent you from wasting resources on advertising to the wrong audience. 

Not all channels work for all audiences and segmenting your market by age groups will save you both time and marketing efforts. Also, talking about your event on social media channels allows you to connect with your audience. This helps with both brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

2. Create A Hashtag 

Using hashtags to promote events is often ignored by organizers. Latch on to an event-specific hashtag that will be set as a reminder for the coming event. Use this hashtag for everything you share on social media and in your Bios. 

This makes it easy for people to find what you are sharing and what other people are saying about the event. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some channels where you can use hashtags to engage attendees and initiate exciting conversations with people who may also be interested in your event.

3. Keep Your Event Info Updated 

When promoting events on different platforms, it is easy to miss out on certain information. Double-check to make sure your event information is updated on all platforms to avoid misinformation. Your potential event attendees will want to be updated of any changes, whether it’s the venue change or timing/date being moved. 

This will help your attendees prepare accordingly as well as build up trust. The more trust your audience has in you, the higher are the chances they will listen to what you say and make sure to follow all the updates you post across your social media channels. 

4. Go A Step Further Than Just Selling Your Tickets Online

While there aren’t that many other ways to sell tickets today besides online, you need to go a step beyond to really create an excitement surrounding your event. Using a website or an online form to sell tickets allows you to control exactly when your event goes live and help you sell extras like merchandise. 

To stand out from everybody else selling tickets online, go a step further in your social media event promotion by paying specific attention to how you market and sell your event. Be bold, loud and engaging. The more buzz you create around your event, the better. You’ll stay in people’s memories for much longer this way. 

5. Work On The Content

Content is immensely important – it’s the driving force behind both acquisition and retention of your audience. You need to develop numerous forms of content to sell and promote your event. 

For example, if you’re organizing a concert, you can create videos, giving a glimpse of how exciting the event is going to be. You could also write a blog post explaining what attendees are going to benefit from attending the event. 

Also, consider using pictures or videos to show how fun the previous event turned out to be. This is great for both engaging the future audience and showcasing what you, as an event host, are capable of doing. 

6. Run A Contest Or Giveaways 

These days, brands are trying to find more and more ways to engage and keep their customers and potential customers happy and excited. Some have decided to sell gift cards, for example, to their customers for present or future use to control losses. 

In their quest to promote their events, brands should try to follow the trajectory of rewarding customers or giving them a chance to win something or rewarding them. This will increase both brand loyalty and brand awareness and this is exactly the result you want out of these contests. If they’re fun and memorable, there’s a higher chance your event attendees will respond better to it. 

7. Find Influencers To Work With

Most brands now use the services of influencers on social media to promote their brand. The influencer you find should be on your target channel, share your audience, and be familiar with your industry. They should have some authority that makes everyone want to attend your event just because of them. 

Another point to consider is that influencers who have a lot of sway over their followers can highlight certain aspects of how you’ve prepared your space for the event. In that case, influencers you work with can make sure to mention it whenever they talk about your event and convince their followers to check it out.

8. Use Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented reality is a technology that layers computer-generated images to form a composite view in the user’s eyes, in addition to sound or effects. It is usually used through apps on smartphones. 

You can create 3D Model videos to promote events, incorporating AR apps that drive event traffic. ARCore, for instance, allows interaction between guests and trade show booths and branded conferences. Educational pop-ups and customizable games are among things to do this with. When doing your promotions, showing these features will increase the rate at which the event is patronized and drive up ticket sales.

9. Track The Activity On Your Channels

All social media have analytics that is unique to only their platform. On Twitter, they are in the analytics feature. On Facebook, they are in the insight tab. Instagram users with a business account also have access to the analytic tool. 

The number of likes, shares, clicks, and comments gives you feedback on how people react to your posts, which is why it is a good idea to track your engagements. Creating brand awareness with your event is your goal, so impressions and reach are metrics you should also pay attention to.

Bonus Tip:

Use automated email marketing to create drip campaigns that start a couple of months prior to your event. While this isn’t really a promotion of your event with social media, emails are still a great way to reach your audience and your event attendees. You can share updates via email, send out quizzes and forms to fill out and add a CTA at the end, calling on your audience to act by perhaps buying tickets for a future event. 

Wrapping up 

Social media use has increased  by quite a bit over the last few months and event promotion on those platforms is also expected to take a similar turn. Social media isn’t going anywhere and the more equipped your brand is in tackling event promotion this way, the better off your brand will be in the forthcoming future. If you perfect social media event promotion now, it will only get better and easier in the future.

By taking control of how your brand presents itself on social media, your brand awareness is guaranteed to grow, securing your current and future audience. Get on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to promote your event to a vast amount of people. Be engaging, fun and have fun – the rest will come naturally. 


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