Jarcuterie: These Cute Jars Filled With Goodies Are Taking Over Instagram

  • Instagram has a range of interesting and unique food trends
  • The latest trend is ‘Jarcuterie’ or miniature Charcuterie boards
  • The jars comprise small portions of meats, cheese, fruits and nuts

The internet is a huge source of inspiration for foodies out there. Whether it’s the Instagram-worthy trends or the tummy-tickling ones, there is no dearth of creativity on the internet. Recently, during the festive season of Christmas, we saw a new trend of creating Christmas-tree shaped Charcuterie boards. Malaika Arora too had tried her hands at making a delicious Christmas-special board. Instagram bloggers have now taken the festive trend a step further by creating wonderful little ‘Jar’cuteries. Take a look:

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As the name suggests, Jarcuterie is basically ‘Charcuterie’ in a jar. The word ‘Charcuterie’ is a French word that refers to a shop selling cold meat cuts. Charcuterie boards thus took this concept onto the dining table by creating a board filled with cheese, cured meats, nuts, dried fruits served with a variety of dips and spread. The platter serves as a delicious snack for guests at a party, with its unique aesthetic appeal and so much variety of food to choose from. The Jarcuterie takes the components and ingredients of a Charcuterie board and breaks it into a single-serving portion.

These beautifully decorated Jarcuteries are served to individuals, without the need for a community Charcuterie board; thus maintaining good hygiene and practicing social distancing. Apart from this, the Jarcuterie comprises lots of delicious miniature edibles such as tiny rolls of meat, berries, herbs, slices of cheese and nuts which are neatly stacked using toothpicks or tiny serving sticks.

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What an interesting and unique food trend! We think the Jarcuteries will pave the way for many more individual serving snacks in the future too. What do you think of this intriguing new trend? Tell us in the comments below!


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