12 Top Tips for Creating Better LinkedIn Videos

If your target audience is other businesses, LinkedIn is the social network you must be active on. It is the best B2B network. There are 766 million users on it. 

This gives you a lot of people to promote to, but at the same time leads to a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with. If like most people, you only post text updates and photos you won’t reach a large audience. To reach more people on LinkedIn, you should publish native videos too

So, today I am going to share my top tips for creating better native LinkedIn videos…

1. Research the competition

The easiest way to generate better results with videos on any network is to see what your competitors are doing and figure out what is working for them. By this, I don’t just mean video content, but also other types of content. 

What you need to do is find out what topics and ideas are doing well and then create your own version of the content in video format. But instead of copying, you should create a better version and present it with a unique fresher angle that will stick with your audience. This will help you generate massive levels of engagement and leads. As very few people go through the trouble of being this detailed with their research. 

2. Keep them short

LinkedIn videos can be up to 10 minutes long. But you shouldn’t fill up all the time allotted. Instead, you should create really short videos. LinkedIn itself recommends you create videos that are 15 seconds long or shorter. 

This makes sense because the people who use LinkedIn are very different from those who use networks such as YouTube. On LinkedIn, people are busy. They are either running a business or are working on projects. They can’t afford to spend several minutes watching videos. They visit the network and then go back to work very quickly. This is why to ensure that more people click the play button and finish watching, you should keep your videos very short. 

So, use good video editing tools to keep your videos less than 15 seconds long. 

3. Make a good first impression

By default, your LinkedIn videos will autoplay. One way to ensure people will watch the entire video is by making a solid first impression in the first 3 to 6 seconds. So, think about your audience and their pain points and address them as soon as possible. 

If you talk about their pain points, they will be inclined to watch the rest of the content. 

4. Use thumbnails

People have the option to turn off autoplay so not everyone will watch the first few seconds immediately. These people will instead see a thumbnail. If you want more of these people to click the play button after seeing the thumbnail, you should create and set a thumbnail. 

It should attract attention and get people to press play. To attract attention you can make the thumbnail standout with fancy fonts and multiple attractive colors. While to get them to click the play button, you can tease them with some of the content they will see, by adding it to the thumbnail. This could be a headline or a still. You can create this thumbnail with a photo editing tool or hire a designer

5. Work with influencers

There are LinkedIn influencers too with large followings. So, make sure you use a good Influencer marketing tool to find influencers. Then vet their connections and engagement levels to make sure it is worth working with them especially if they want you to pay for sponsorship. Sponsorship is the method some of them use to make money

6. Optimize for mobile

Not everyone uses LinkedIn on the desktop. A large percentage of people prefer using it on the mobile while on the go. This is why you should optimize your videos for mobile devices too. Before you publish the video, watch it on your phone and/or tablet to make sure it is viewable on a mobile device. If it isn’t, you can make changes before you publish it. 

7. Use subtitles

A lot of mobile users will watch your video in silent mode. So, you should optimize your videos for silent viewing by adding subtitles. They will ensure that more people will complete watching it. Make sure that the subtitles are big enough to be viewed on mobile. 

Subtitles will also make it easy for people who aren’t fluent in the language the video is in, to understand the contents better. 

8. Share customer videos

One way to build social proof on LinkedIn is by sharing videos of happy customers. If other people can see how happy your customers are with your products and services, they will want to work with you too. There are mainly two kinds of videos that can help with this. One is a testimonial video where the customer speaks into the camera all by themselves. Another one is a case study where you interview the customer and discuss everything in detail. 

You ask them about how they did before they hired you, how they did after and how happy they are with the results.

9. Try live video

LinkedIn live videos can have the same effect as webinars as they are a one-time event. People want to watch them instead of missing out. So, regularly run live videos. You can do these once or twice a week. 

Make sure you plan the content of the live videos and are very organized, instead of just winging it. 

10. Write better descriptions

You might be publishing a video, but the caption plays an important role. After people watch the video, they will read the description to learn more. So, write a well-thought description with a call to action that gets people to take the next step. You should also tag people and add hashtags. 

But make sure you do some research to find relevant and popular hashtags on LinkedIn

11. Schedule at the best time

Timing matters a lot on LinkedIn. If you post at the right time you will generate more views and leads. So, figure out what your best posting time is and schedule your videos to go out then. There are a lot of tools, both free and paid, that can help you with this as a team

12. Brand your videos

Also, make sure you brand your videos. As they will prevent people from stealing your content and pawning it off as theirs. Even if they do that viewers will always know who created the video and they will check out your page. This will help you gain more connections and followers. These are the 11 best tips for creating better LinkedIn videos. Use them to generate more views, leads, and sales today. 

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