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30 minutes of footage from Dead Island 2 posted online ahead of its release later this week -By Fsk

Dead Island 2 is set to release this Friday (April 21), but the first 30 minutes of it can already be viewed online, via a streamer who managed to get their copy of the game early.

Lucas Cosmico streamed the game last night, with the first 30 minutes still running on YouTube at the time of writing.

Without going into too much detail, the footage shows off Dead Island 2’s opening sequence and cinematics. Some common (and to be honest, expected) blood and gore. The stream also shows some of the game’s user interface and locations.

22 things you need to know about Dead Island 2.

Given that the game isn’t officially out yet, this footage is likely to be pulled soon.

Either way, if you’re inclined to avoid any spoilers ahead of Dead Island 2’s launch, take this as a warning to tread carefully ahead of Friday.

Bloody hell, really.

As a quick reminder, developer Dambuster Studios has said that Dead Island 2 will not support crossplay, but it will support play across different generations of the same console family.

There will also be a streamer mode as part of the game’s release, which blocks licensed music. However, Dambuster also stated that streamers would need to watch when launching the game, as the cinematic title sequence features licensed music. “We recommend caution,” it reads in Dead Island 2’s FAQ post. Meanwhile, there will be no gore filter – so there’s no blocking.

Dead Island 2 will only support keys and mouse on PC. You can read the game’s full PC specs here.