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Alone in the Dark and more confirmed for THQ Nordic’s August showcase -By Fsk

THQ Nordic is holding another digital showcase this August, featuring new reveals and updates on previously announced games, including its intriguing Alone in the Dark reboot.

Here’s a bit for your diaries: Things get underway on Friday, August 11 at 8pm BST/9am CEST/12am PT, with the proceedings being streamed via YouTube and Twitch.

As we might expect, THQ Nordic is “promising world premiere announcements, but also updates and reveals for previously announced games”, with Alone in the Dark, the recently revealed Trine 5, and Outcasts 2 everyone was confirmed to get more time. Spotlight.

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase save the date trailer.

Beyond that is anyone’s guess, but surely we’ve got to hear anything from THQ Nordic’s long-awaited Gothic remake or Dangerous Golf developer Three Fields Entertainment’s promising Racer Wreckcreation. And can we at least get our first proper look at the South Park game the publisher teased at the end of the year show?

It doesn’t seem like THQ will be too stuck discussing Nordic titles; Back in August, the company confirmed that there are 43 games currently in development, and 25 of them are (or at least were at the time) still unannounced.