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Amazingly Detailed Doctor Who Fortnite Leak Reveals You’ll Be Able To Shoot People As David Tennant -By Fsk

Alleged details of an upcoming Doctor Who Fortnite crossover continue to leak — including suggestions that you’ll be able to play as Nakuti Gatwa, the upcoming Fifteenth Doctor alongside David Tennant, the Fourteenth Doctor.

The screenshots and file description suggest that a major in-game event is planned ahead of the upcoming 60th anniversary of Doctor Who later this year.

Initial details shared last week by prolific Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey included a two-week event with free cosmetic rewards and additional items available for purchase.

The current Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite is themed Neo-Asian.

Now, the dump of more TARDIS internal size information has gone into more detail, including Plan of to sell fortnite skins for the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, as well as a TARDIS glider, and an emote that uses the Doctor’s handy psychic paper.

there are free prizes planned to To include time vortex controls and an emote where you can wield the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. in-game, are Plan of to checkpoints manned by UNIT personnel armed with sci-fi weapons. This also sound As such there will be a plotline connected to the upcoming TV episode which will feature the Baby Yoda-like creature Beep the Meep.

Another paid-for bundle is also reportedly being considered in the future, codenamed “Drum”. Doctor Who fans have been quick to point out that this could be a reference to iconic Doctor Who villain The Master, whose John Simm incarnation suffered from a drug addiction in his head.

Upcoming Fortnite content leaks all the time, but the sheer amount of detail here is eye-opening, especially so far ahead of what is clearly an in-game event.

But perhaps this isn’t surprising — we’ve seen in the past how Fortnite plans in-game concerts and other brand collaborations, sometimes years before they actually appear in-game.

What has some Doctor Who fans upset, however, is the fact that you’ll essentially be playing as the Doctor in a shooter. The Doctor (aside from a warlike avatar) is generally portrayed as a pacifist – but perhaps that’s the cost of doing business as the BBC seeks to relaunch its big sci-fi franchise on the global stage.

Doctor Who is set to return to TV screens later this year with three special episodes celebrating the programme’s 60th anniversary. The role will feature fan-favourite David Tennant in a brief return, before the baton is handed over to sex education star Nkuti Gatwa.

The BBC is partnering with Disney on these new episodes, which will debut outside the UK on Disney+. Fortnite previously worked with the BBC for a very small-scale Doctor Who tie-in, and regularly collaborates with Disney on Marvel and Star Wars crossovers.