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Apex Legends’ Next Hero Is Infamous Thunderdome Games Champion Ballistic -By Fsk

Developer Respawn has introduced the latest member to Apex Legends’ playable roster: Infamous Thunderdome Games champion Ballistic, who will join the free-to-play battle royale hit on May 9 as part of its new season.

As is now customary, Ballistic – real name August Montgomery Brinkmann – makes his grand unveiling in a new episode of Response Stories from the Outlands. Here, we meet him strolling through his lavish mansion before settling down for a recap of his Thunderdome career, which ended tragically with the death of his partner and brother-in-law.

Since then, Ballistic has become a recluse, neglecting his family until they decide to leave. That’s where Respawn’s cinematic jumps back to the present, and that’s when we – and Ballistic – learn that her son Nathaniel has just qualified for the Apex Games.

Apex Legends – Stories from the Outlands: Encore Trailer.

That, apparently, is enough to snap Ballistic out of his paranoia; A shave, haircut, and some bright red sunglasses later, he’s off to the syndicate to make a deal – that he’ll resume his fighting career as long as his boy never steps foot in an arena. does not keep And, for now at least, as the cinematic ends, Syndicate seems set to honor that agreement.

Ballistic’s reveal marks the beginning of EA’s usual dripfeed of new information leading up to the 17th season of Apex Legends, which this time will be codenamed Arsenal. A season reveal trailer is due out on April 26 and after that, expect a breakdown of Ballistic’s abilities and more.

So far, Respawn has teased an updated World Edge map for Season 17 with an “evolved” firing range, weapon mastery, and changes to ranked play. All will undoubtedly be revealed ahead of Arsenal’s arrival on 9 May.