Big Data Platforms You Should Know in 2021

Data is nothing but a collection of bytes that combines to form a useful piece of information. It is further used to perform a complete analysis of a particular asset or achieving precise results. As we move into the 21st century, the concept of data has improved, and many things have been changed. A new term of “Big Data Platforms” has come into the picture widely used in the community. Humans have been known for producing quintillions (a cube of a million) of data bytes each year. 

At the beginning of the last decade, an estimate was conducted that showed that approximately 5 exabytes of data were recorded on the planet. The number got increased, and we produced almost thousands of times more data at the end of the decade. 

There is no doubt that we will be producing an uncountable amount of bytes in the coming years. This is why the world is shifting to the concept of big data platforms.

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to the collection of bytes that becomes enormously big due to many operations. This makes it difficult to manage and to operate using traditional data collection methods. 

It is more of an organizational term, as several companies prefer to collect big chunks of data to analyze their service or product. As the name suggests, big data platforms are responsible for controlling and commanding big data. 

The situation gets more complex when the data is stored in unstructured form. It is impossible to ignore big data as it carries useful information that is important for a good cause.

Thus, the expert came up with the solution of introducing specialized software to handle this situation. This increases the need to initiate the need for big data platforms that can help us manage huge quantities of data. They are not only effective but also save a lot of time for the users. 

Companies that have to handle big data every day prefer the use of such platforms. Today, we are going to discuss some of the most popular big data platforms that will change the way of analysis in 2021.

8 Big Data Platforms you should know in 2021

1) Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is a widely known brand in the field of technology and has gained popularity among the users. The company recognized the need for developing a big data platform to manage and store big data in the servers. 

Microsoft Azure is a type of cloud computing service that has the ability to collect data for computing and deploying. It was established in the first quarter of 2010 and became a big hit in the initial years. Commonly referred to as Azure, the software combines with tools like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to support the users. 

It is compatible with different machine programming languages and third-party applications to provide the best results. The sophisticated data management tools are the keys to the success of Microsoft Azure in the coming years.

2) Tableau

Tableau Software was developed back in the year 2003 as a California based company. The founders aim to build interactive data visualization software that can handle big data without any potential risks. It is safe to say that Tableau has met the expectations of every user across the world who wanted a big data platform.

It performs several complex tasks with extreme precision and accuracy in seconds than a normal human mind will do in years. The majority of the companies compile their data using this big data analytics platform. The data sets can be analyzed, and any kind of similarity or trends can be detected through the software. 

Tableau has got the mapping ability that allows it to plot latitude and longitude coordinates across spatial files. This big data analytics platform was awarded the title of “Best Business Intelligence Solution” by SIIA in 2008. 

3) Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is a renowned cloud computing service created by Oracle Corporation to tackle big data problems. This big data platform allows users to build, deploy, integrate, and extend various data applications in the cloud. 

It provides features such as servers, storage, network, and applications through a global grid of data centres managed by Oracle Corporation. Several business-related companies make use of Oracle’s big data analytics platform to control the data extensions. 

The Oracle Cloud big data platform ensures that the users have secure access to the data by teaching the system’s security application. Even governmental bodies make use of this software to handle their big data. This platform delivers an identity SOC (Security Operations Center) through a combined SIEM offering, UEBA, and IDaaS.

4) Google Cloud

Google is considered to be the biggest and most used search engine on the whole internet. Anyone with access to online platforms is eventually aware of Google and its features. Just imagine, if Google itself can manage big data larger than anyone on the planet, how effective will its big data platform be? 

With the same mindset, the developers tried to bring out a cloud computing service software similar to the one used by Google itself. It not only provides a set of management tools but also arranges a series of modular cloud services. 

Some of the major instruments used by Google Cloud are computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning. The data accumulated can be further converted into visual graphics for better understanding. 

5) Teradata

Another popular big data platform is developed by Teradata Corporation, a popular analytics software in the market. The company was established in 1979 that depicts the level of experience they have gained during all these years of learning and progressing. 

There are three types of services provided by Teradata, business analytics, consulting, and cloud products. It enhances the overall user experience while managing large chunks of data in less time. 

There is no doubt that most of the data managing companies out there are preferred by most of the data managing companies. The developers have ensured that the users can perform all the operations of an advanced big data analytics platform with the Teradata cloud service’s help.

6) Domo

Domo is a specialized cloud software company that deals with various tools for handling big data. It is a new name in the list of big data platforms and was developed in 2010 by Josh James, a former Adobe employee. 

It provides direct and simplified access to business data to make decisions and generate results from operating on them. It integrates several data tools like spreadsheets, databases, social media, and other cloud-based server programs. 

It is mainly known for its AI-predictions and collecting data from different servers followed by its accumulation at a single location. The users appreciate Domo’s methods to reduce manual work and keep the progress right on track.

7) Alteryx

Alteryx is the software designed to handle data and has features similar to a big data analytics platform. The application can easily convert messy data structures into an organized table to enhance the values’ understanding. 

Alteryx is primarily based on four interlocking tools that allow the users to make data workflows several times. It can understand various data programming languages such as R and Python code. This makes the internal process quicker and more precise to accurate results. 

It is specially designed to operate advanced functions on big data in any raw state. Alteryx was crowned as one of the Best Places to Work in Orange County three years in a row (2016-2018). This shows the determination of the team members that work day and night to improve the software.

8) Exasol

As we move further, the next name on the list is Exasol. It is a column-oriented relational database management system for handling big data. The big data platform was founded in 2000 and has been a prominent part of the community. 

Several companies manage their big data by using the different tools available on the platform. It is known for speedy calculations, especially in the case of complex data structures.

Moreover, it can handle massive data entries in a single go and manipulate them accordingly. It is a cloud-based system and hence can be operated online to get precise readings of the results. The database is also capable of integrating with more intensive analytics apps available in the market.

Final Verdict!

It is safe to say that any of the mentioned big data platforms in this article is more than enough. 

Each one of them is the best choice in business and can perform several tasks at once. Moreover, the choice of the most appropriate big data platform depends on the user’s specific needs. Make sure that you are aware of the requirements of your project and choose the platform accordingly. 

A suitable platform will put a huge positive point on the data management included in it. 

Finally, the choice is completely independent of the factors mentioned alongside each big data platform. Enrol in a data science course to learn about all the big data analytics platforms and their key practices.

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