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Blizzard responds to claims of creator creating product “crisis map” -By Fsk

Blizzard has responded to claims by one of its makers that the company is “crisis map” the products due to the number of employees leaving.

Earlier this week, World of Warcraft producer Adam “glaxigrave” expressed his opinion on Twitter about how Blizzard is “losing amazing talent because someone in power doesn’t listen to the game directors who make their products”. .

He said: “DE & I [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] It also means diversity of opinion, especially when it is supported by data and financials”.

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Later in the thread, the producer claimed: “We’re doing crisis maps of what we can or can’t ship. It’s the loss of capacity that we’re facing. I literally have a schedule called I hand over the people in the notice”.

In a comment to IGN, a Blizzard spokesperson said that creating crisis maps “is not a team exercise for WoW. However, making decisions around priorities, iterating, and ensuring quality are everyday parts of game development”. .

Blizzard’s senior game designer Allison Steele also replied to Glaxigrave’s tweet. “Forced RTO [return to office] It has cost us some wonderful people and will continue to cost us more in the months to come,” she wrote. And our players deserve that.”

Back in January, World of Warcraft Classic lead Brian Birmingham left the company due to concerns over its “forced” stack-ranking policy.

Most recently, employees expressed displeasure over the company’s return to office policy, though Blizzard said it was “proud” of Mike Ybarra’s leadership after a disastrous company-wide meeting to discuss an internal employee satisfaction survey. Was.