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Blizzard surprises Diablo 4 beta ahead of launch -By Fsk

Updates: As expected, Blizzard has announced another chance to play Diablo 4 ahead of launch.

Server Slam weekend runs from May 12 to 14. More details here.

Origin story: Blizzard has teased a new Diablo 4 beta ahead of the action role-playing game’s June 6 launch.

Tweeting a Twitter user’s call for more Diablo 4 game time, the official Diablo Twitter account said: “It can be arranged…”

It’s a pretty clear tease that some surprising ways to play Diablo 4 are planned ahead of release. Whether it’s a fresh open beta or early access remains to be seen. You currently get Early Access through June 2nd if you pre-order Diablo 4, so this tweet suggests something even earlier.

Diablo 4 has had PvP since the beginning, in case you didn’t know, and there are many more ideas for the endgame.

Blizzard is set to hold a Diablo 4 developer livestream tonight, April 20 at 7PM UK time, in which it will discuss endgame details, changes since the most recent beta, “and more…”.

That “more” looks like a surprising beta release.

In recent Diablo 4 news, Blizzard confirmed that it has no plans to add tab overlay maps to the game.

Blizzard is buffing barbarians, and harassing sorcerers and necromancers. Blizzard has “optimized” many dungeons in all regions to reduce the need for backtracking.