Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Bulk Whatsapp sender| Whatsapp bulk message sender|Wa sender


Unlimited WhatsApp Messages to Contact / Numbers

Send messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book.Send Message to Groups

Send unlimited messages to all your joined groups.Message Delay Management

Strong Delay Management to protect your whatsapp account from Ban Grab Group Links from web

Grab Group all Links from any web pageGet All Member number from any group

Grab Group members from ny groupModern Material Design

Latest Material UI design with easy to use interfaceStandard Coding Structure

You can Customize this tool and add your features with simple coding skillsBulk Import

Import you contact number from excel sheetGoogle Map Data Extractor / Scrapper

Extract data from google map with targeted location and import extracted numbers in WaSender, Send Bulk Messages to themReport

You will get detailed report after campaign completeDocumentations

Detailed documents with images (with markups) and videoDeveloper Documentations

Detailed documents with images (with markups) and video to change Software name, logo and lot moreRunnable Files

We provided Runnable files Source Code

We provided Code of this software to rebrand it with your name , logo and color scheme Lifetime updates

We are keep enhancing our product and planning to intruduce cool features in future , stay with us License key Manager

This software is protected with Activation Process, You will get ‘KeyGen’ along with this app BundleDynamic Parameterised Message Sender

ie. ’ hi {{Name}} ’ , Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated , Click below link to download {{InvoiceLink}}100% Resale rights

This product is not limited to you, you can sale it to your customers on unlimited computers, Each computer will generate unique ‘KeyCode’, You as a Software owner, you can provide them ‘Activation Code’ (with date validity)

Bulk WhatsApp software: How to use it

Sending Options

  • Send bulk messages to contacts
  • Send bulk messages to groups
  • Send hundreds of messages with a single sender
  • Stop, pause, and resume sending
  • Send by bulk forwarding

Sender/Channel Options

  • Add unlimited sender numbers
  • Automatically store sessions for all sender numbers
  • Automatically randomize senders while sending to reduce blocking
  • Warm-up channels option (Cloud Chat): Your sender number will automatically talk to any online software user to make it more friendly
  • WhatsApp BETA support (add a sender once and the software will keep the session for you)

Messaging Options

  • Send all types of messages (text, image, video, audio, location, links)
  • Automatically restore last messages and images in the latest campaign
  • Emoji support
  • Send personalized messages with each client’s name (e.g., “Hello Magi”)

Blocking Defenders

  • Control sending speed and delay time between messages
  • Friendly channel option to keep channels sending for a long time
  • Chat to cloud option to decrease blocking of channels
  • Spyntax support (automatically send different random content)

Numbers Extraction

  • Automatically extract WhatsApp group members
  • Save extracted numbers to text or to the software’s main sending menu
  • Generate a list of numbers for any country

Numbers Generator

  • Generate a list of numbers for any country
  • Automatically fix country codes for bulk contact lists

Filter & Validator

  • Filter WhatsApp numbers
  • Use a phone or emulator

Groups Options

  • Search WhatsApp groups by keyword
  • Automatically join WhatsApp groups
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups
  • Extract group details and links

Groups Sending Options

  • Send bulk messages to joined groups
  • Send by adding members to a group and then sending a message to the group
  • Automatically remove users from your group after sending

Contacts Saver

  • Save all non-recorded contacts from incoming messages from your clients. You no longer need to record each client’s number in your mobile, as this is now done automatically.
  • Convert any CSV file to VCF and import it to your mobile with just one click.
  • Automatically remove users from your group after sending

Inboxing and Auto Reply

  • Inbox feature (read the client’s reply)
  • Auto-reply to incoming messages

Controlling Options

  • Global reach: Reach your customers in any country, worldwide.
  • Inbox feature: Receive any client responses to your campaign.
  • Sender name and avatar (logo): Easily control the sender’s name and logo.

Reports Options

  • A live report in the software
  • Automatic saving of reports in Excel files
  • Export reports to CSV, Excel, or text

Whatsapp bulk message advantages

  • Reach a wider audience: WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion active users. Using a bulk WhatsApp service provider, you can reach a wider audience with your messages than you could by sending them through traditional channels, such as email or SMS.
  • Personalize your messages: Bulk WhatsApp service providers typically offer the ability to personalize your messages. This means that you can address your contacts by name and use language that is relevant to them. This can help to increase the open rate and click-through rate of your messages.
  • Send attachments: Bulk WhatsApp service providers typically offer the ability to send attachments, such as pictures, videos, and documents. This can be a great way to add value to your messages and to make them more engaging.
  • Track the results of your campaigns: Bulk WhatsApp service providers typically offer analytics tools that allow you to track the results of your campaigns. This information can be used to identify what is working and what is not, so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Here are some additional advantages of using a bulk WhatsApp service provider:

  • Efficiency: Bulk WhatsApp service providers can help you to save time and effort by automating the process of sending bulk messages. This can free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Scalability: Bulk WhatsApp service providers can help you to scale your business by providing you with the ability to send bulk messages to a large number of contacts. This can be helpful if you are looking to grow your business or reach a new audience.
  • Security: Bulk WhatsApp service providers typically offer a high level of security for your messages. This means that you can be confident that your messages will be delivered securely and that your data will be protected.