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Bungie adding accessibility options to Destiny 2 for color blind players -By Fsk

Bungie is adding new accessibility options to Destiny 2 specifically for color blindness.

Season of the Deep, starting May 23, will include an option for players to modify the enemy target reticle color that changes when aiming at an enemy, as well as new color options for subtitles to make sure they’re easy to read. are easy.

Bungie is also adding color presets to Appreciation, which means players with color blindness can still see the rewards clearly.

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Another accessibility option along the way is Full Auto Melee, which allows players to hold down the melee button to attack repeatedly.

The changes were revealed in a new blog post on Accessibility, which you can read in full here.

โ€œAccessibility in sports is a necessary initiative, but overall it is still a relatively new conversation in tech,โ€ it reads.

“More and more studios are working toward a common goal: making games that people can enjoy. This includes everyone with all kinds of accommodation needs. While working toward more accessible games takes time, patience, and a variety of The players have a deep understanding of the type, the important thing is that the work continues.

“Guided by one of our internal initiatives, Accessibility@Bungie, the Destiny 2 team has worked hard to develop new features designed to keep accessibility at the forefront for all Guardians.”

It concludes: “While gaming is for everyone and making live games more accessible is an ongoing challenge that may take a long time, we remain fully committed to ensuring that Destiny 2 is a place where every parent feels welcome.”

In the past week, Bungie has been open about recent leaks, saying it is “taking action to reinforce its policies”.

It later claimed that there was “irrefutable evidence” that a trusted member of the community was behind the leaked secrets.