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Gulf Clan: Colombia suspends ceasefire with drug cartel

Colombia’s president says the gang has not stopped its illegal activities and is behind recent attacks. Source link

Ukraine war: What support is China giving Russia?

The G7 group of economically developed countries, along with the European Union and Australia, has tried to impose a worldwide cap on the price of Russian oil transported by sea, but China has refused to comply and buys Russian crude at market prices. Source link

Trump could be arrested – key questions answered

The former president could become the first to face criminal charges. Here’s what possibly lies ahead. Source link

Xi Putin meeting: What to expect from China-Russia talks

But, once again, imagine you’re Putin. One year ago you and Xi proclaimed that your partnership has “no limits”. If that’s really the case, might you expect China now to help you out in Ukraine, by supplying Russia with lethal aid and facilitating a military victory for Moscow? The US claims that China is considering… Continue reading Xi Putin meeting: What to expect from China-Russia talks

Saudi Arabia invited Iran's President Raisi to visit, Tehran says

The visit – not yet confirmed by Riyadh – would build on a thaw in tensions, brokered by China. Source link

Two decades on, how the UK/US-led invasion turbo-charged Iraq into chaos

Survivors of one of Iraq’s damaged communities, the Yazidis, looked on as the earth in a marble quarry was excavated. On a wire fence around the site were photos of dozens of people, mostly men, who had been killed by jihadists from the Islamic State group. They were from Zile-li, a village near the quarry,… Continue reading Two decades on, how the UK/US-led invasion turbo-charged Iraq into chaos

Australian former SAS soldier held over alleged war crime in Afghanistan

The 41-year-old man will be charged with murdering an Afghan man in 2012, Australian police say. Source link

Menindee: Australia begins mass fish death clean-up

Authorities are working out what to do with millions of rotting fish. Source link

Why did the US and allies invade Iraq, 20 years ago?

The US and three allies invaded Iraq 20 years ago, but most countries were against the war. Source link

Why asylum seekers are choosing Canada in record numbers

Tens of thousands are crossing into Canada via Roxham Road, an unofficial border in upstate New York. Source link

Safety pin: A tiny tool Indian women use to fight sexual harassment

In the capital Delhi, buses have panic buttons and CCTV cameras, more female drivers have been inducted, training sessions have been organised to sensitise drivers and conductors to be more responsive to female passengers, and marshals have been deployed on buses. Police have also launched apps and helpline numbers which women can use to seek… Continue reading Safety pin: A tiny tool Indian women use to fight sexual harassment

Central banks to boost flow of US dollars amid market unease

The facility hasn’t been used in the UK since the financial pains at the onset of the pandemic exactly three years ago. This is not as dramatic a move as, for example, the Bank of England had to deploy after the mini-budget last autumn. But it is a clear sign that, although the past week… Continue reading Central banks to boost flow of US dollars amid market unease

What chicken feet tell us about daily life in Egypt

Rising food prices mean Egyptians are struggling to put food on the table for their families. Source link

Putin in Mariupol: What the Russian president saw on his visit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called it a war crime but Russia’s embassy in London claimed the hospital had no longer been in use, and was instead being used by members of the Azov regiment, which was set up as a volunteer militia with links to the far right in 2014 but had since been incorporated… Continue reading Putin in Mariupol: What the Russian president saw on his visit

Credit Suisse: Bank rescue damages Switzerland’s reputation for stability

Despite the scandals over the years related to the secret bank accounts of dictators (including Ferdinand Marcos from the Philippines, Congolese dictator Mobutu Sese Seko and many more), or the money laundering for drug lords and tax evaders, Swiss banks hung on to that reputation symbolised by Roger Federer: strong, and reliable. Source link

Putin in Mariupol: Russian leader visits occupied Ukrainian city

Russian state media has reported that President Vladimir Putin paid a surprise visit to Mariupol, a Ukrainian port city captured by Russian forces after they pounded much of it to ruins. In an official video the Russian president can be seen driving a car through streets at night and visiting various locations. It is understood… Continue reading Putin in Mariupol: Russian leader visits occupied Ukrainian city

UBS agrees to rescue deal for troubled bank Credit Suisse

The deal, backed by the Swiss government, follows weekend-long talks aimed at preventing the bank’s collapse. Source link

India police visit Rahul Gandhi’s home after Kashmir sex assault claims

The MP from India’s main opposition Congress Party said he hoped the legal notice and visit by the police had nothing to do with his stance on various issues, including recent criticism of connections between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a business tycoon accused of financial fraud. Source link

Prosecuting Donald Trump would be politically motivated, say Republicans

Members of the ex-president’s party claim prosecutors investigating him are part of the “radical left”. Source link

Cloete Murray: South African corruption investigator shot dead

Cloete Murray was the liquidator for Bosasa, a company implicated in government contract scandals. Source link

Nigeria elections 2023: Counting under way in governor polls marred by violence

Violence has marred polling in several states including the commercial city of Lagos. Source link

Taliban officials must sack sons given government jobs

Afghanistan’s Islamist leader says officials should replace appointed sons or nephews and hire other workers. Source link

Ukraine war: Putin pays visit to occupied Mariupol, state media reports

The Russian president toured the Ukrainian city devastated by Russian shelling, the Kremlin says. Source link

Israel protests: Thousands march against Netanyahu court reform

Tens of thousands of Israelis have marched again in nationwide protests against the government’s plan to curb Supreme Court powers. This is the 11th week of mass demonstrations, as opponents of the reforms accuse right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of undermining judicial independence. Mr Netanyahu, who is on trial on corruption charges, says his aim… Continue reading Israel protests: Thousands march against Netanyahu court reform

Kenya's plan to curb alcohol abuse: One pub per town

The deputy president has suggested a radical step to reduce alcohol abuse – closing nearly all pubs. Source link

Credit Suisse bank: UBS said to be in takeover talks with troubled rival

Emergency talks are reported in Zurich as regulators seek a deal for Credit Suisse before Monday. Source link

French pension reforms: Is Macron's government doomed by crisis?

No-confidence motions face the Macron government as it tries to force its unpopular changes into law. Source link

Cyclone Gabrielle: The New Zealand flood victims too scared to go home

The country is likely to experience more extreme rainfall events and regional cyclones are likely to become more frequent by 2100, according to New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. During warm months days are already hotter, drier and windier, increasing the risk of bushfires. Source link

Southern Ecuador earthquake kills at least 12

A strong earthquake off Ecuador’s southern coast left people trapped in collapsed houses. Source link

Russia and Ukraine extend grain deal despite disagreement

The renewed accord means exports can continue via Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, but it is unclear how long for. Source link