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Cult of the Lamb gets “deeper” combat, new story content, and more next week -By Fsk

Cult of the Lamb, the engrossing dungeon-crawling management sim from developers Massive Monster, is getting a massive free update next Monday, April 24, introducing a new post-game storyline, “deeper” combat, new building options and more. Has been done

There’s a lot going on in Remnant of the Old Faithful, as the update is known, starting with the introduction of Remnant and heavy attacks as part of Cult of the Lamb’s improved combat. It also adds remixed dungeons featuring revamped enemies and bosses, including new versions of the base game’s four Guardian Bishops, as confirmed during Nintendo’s indie showcase.

Away from the dungeon-crawling side of things, Massive Monster says the cult management portion of the game will get new followers, as well as a range of new buildings – including a kitchen with its own chef for more efficient cooking, A (non-collapsible) shared shelter capable of holding three followers, a crypt to keep the size of the graveyard under control, as well as farm plot signs that followers can plant goods on for better crop organization.

Cult of the Lamb – Relics of the Old Faith Update Trailer.

Elsewhere, Massive Monster is promising new quests, progression systems and secrets, a new photo mode, new accessibility options, as well as a bunch of new post-game content. For example the above is the new story, as well as a new Permadeath, Gauntlet and Boss-Rush modes that become accessible after completing the game.

To reiterate, all of this will be free on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC when the Cult of the Lambs’ Relics of the Old Faith DLC launches next Monday, April 24.