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Dead Island 2 Launches A New Insurance Policy That Instructs Your Loved Ones To “Zombie-Proof” Your Death -By Fsk

Dead Island 2 has teamed up with a UK insurance company to introduce a “deathwish” policy, which ensures that your friends and family will arrange for “Los Angeles to explode” when you die.

The initiative — which “instructs loved ones of the recently deceased to both zombie-proof and toast before Los Angeles passes away with a blaze before the city becomes Hell-A” — is set to provide an insurance policy. “Wake up to end all wakes with a zombie cocktail by the nearest and dearest during a celebratory California getaway”.

Check out the cheeky infomercial below:

dead island 2 deathwish | how to die responsibly

Deathwish comes from the company Deadhappy, which focuses on “changing attitudes to death and promoting positive ways to remember loved ones.”

The accompanying press release strangely claims that 40 percent of 2000 adults said they “really don’t want to come back from the dead as a flesh-eating zombie,” which suggests that 60 percent agree with it. Will be fine That said, even fewer people imagine returning as a spider (arrgh), a vampire, or a pigeon, at least as popular life choices.

This death wish will set you back £8000 And bear in mind, death wishes are not legally binding – but the idea is to let your friends and family know about your wish, and the life insurance policy you take out with it Can help cover the related. Cost.

I thought Dead Island 2 was plenty of fun, but Edwin Eurogamer was a bit more critical in his review of Dead Island 2, saying: “If you’ve somehow yet to play an Undead-themed action-RPG or have the proper… Hai-branded for the sub-genre Mindless Hunger, Dead Island 2 might be worth your time. It definitely has the zombie disassembled part down pat.

“If you’re not into either of those things, all the sturdy design and flying limbs in the world can’t hide the lackluster excitement here. Dead Island 2 isn’t a bad game, but it looks great, which is a sad That’s the conclusion of a project that’s been in development for almost a decade. Still, at least they spared us the zombie booby merchandise this time around.