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Dead Island 2 shifts one million copies in first weekend of release -By Fsk

It may have had a bit of a tumultuous development journey – to put it mildly – but Dead Island 2 is off to a flying start, successfully moving over 1m copies in its first three days of release. Has been given.

Dead Island 2 finally launched last Friday, nearly nine years after publisher Deep Silver announced it was in development. Since then, it’s been seen by no less than three studios, but despite that rocky road to release, its final form — which reached the finish line with Dambuster Studios leading the way — has clearly captured the public’s imagination. have taken.

In their press release announcing Dead Island 2 blasting through the 1m sales hurdle in just 72 hours, Deep Silver shared a selection of other notable stats. For example, during those three days since launch, players have racked up 11m hours of play time and 28m deaths.

Dead Island 2 spoiler-free review chat.

Additionally, 1.1 billion zombies have already met their end, of which 45m were cut in half, with a total of 756m zombie organs separated from their undead owners along the way.

Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell called Dead Island 2 a “straightforwardly accomplished zombie action-RPG that doesn’t make the most of its Californian setting” in his review, noting, “if you yet somehow an Undead-themed role-playing action-RPG or you have an appropriately on-brand mindless appetite for the sub-genre, Dead Island 2 might be worth your time… [It] Not a bad game, but it feels unnecessary”.