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Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event is back next week -By Fsk

Destiny 2’s annual Guardian Games event is set to return next week.

Starting May 2, players can expect a little more “friendly competition” between Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks as Guardians compete to ensure that their class reigns supreme. The Guardian Games Cup is also back and this time everyone can take part.

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From May 2 to May 23, players can earn medals for activities throughout the game, “including a class-based version of the popular PvP mode Supremacy” – “that’s right, get ready for even more fierce competition in the Crucible” — and participates in The Guardian games can earn two weapons: the Legendary Strand Scout Rifle Taraxipos, or the refreshed Void submachine gun, The Title, which returns with a “fan-favorite perk”, the Repulsor Brace.

“The Guardian Games event card is also free for players,” explains Bungie. “By completing their card’s challenges, players can earn cosmetic rewards such as a new Exotic emote, brand-new Champ title as well as additional Triumphs. Collect Event cards for 1,000 Silver to unlock instant and additional earnable rewards Can be upgraded to.

As for the cup? Well, this year, everyone is able to participate with their own fire squad to raise money for a good cause.

“This year, teams will compete in technical and charitable categories,” says Bungie. “The technical category tracks the total number of medals each officially registered team has dipped during the Guardian Games. The charitable category tracks the total amount raised through the team’s official Bungie Foundation sign-up page during the same period. Is.”

ICYMI, Bungie is adding new accessibility options to Destiny 2 specifically for color blindness. Season of the Deep, which is set to release on May 23, will include an option for players to modify the enemy target reticle color, which turns when aiming at an enemy, as well as new color options for subtitles. It’s easy to read, to be sure.

Bungie is also adding color presets to Appreciation, which means players with color blindness can still see the rewards clearly.