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Donkey Kong characters are coming to the Lego Super Mario range -By Fsk

A series of Donkey Kong characters are set to join the Lego Super Mario family in the near future, the toy company has announced.

Nintendo’s push continues for Donkey Kong, as seen in theme parks (and, rumors suggest, perhaps on the big screen as well) with a series of Lego Super Mario sets featuring the monkey and his many friends.

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong and Funky Kong all pop up in a quick teaser posted by Lego on Twitter this afternoon. It remains to be seen how many additional sets you’ll need to buy to collect them all.

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As is the case with other Lego Super Mario sets, these figures seem to be designed to work in conjunction with the mountain of playable Lego Super Mario toys that have already been released. Each can be combined into a layout such as a large video game level, in which multiple Mario characters, enemies, and obstacles can be linked together.

(So ​​no, sadly, these aren’t minifigure-sized.)

Earlier this year, a Lego leak suggested that we’d be seeing Legend of Zelda sets before too long.

Meanwhile, DK rap musician Grant Kirkhope recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment over the Super Mario Bros. Movie.