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EA is already planning several Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patches for the “weeks ahead” -By Fsk

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is releasing tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. With one patch now a customary day, EA’s team has additionally said that it will release several more patches for the game in the “coming weeks”, answering the question – will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor really Ready to Launch?

In a brief update, EA said players can expect patches that will fix bugs, improve game performance and add more accessibility features in the weeks following Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s launch.

The language used by EA and the early reports from some reviewers has led some fans to wonder whether the game needed a long run before launch, rather than coming up with issues that would be addressed later. Ironing is required.

Watch the final trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor here.

In our own review, Chris said that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s technical issues are “less devastating” than those of its predecessor (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order), however, he added that “things still got pretty bad fast”. Could be.”

During his review, he experienced objects, including but not limited to hands and hair, regularly slicing through surfaces. He also noted “some frantic pop-ins and cloak flaps when coming in and out of cutscenes”, and suffered a particularly “tough” crash during his playthrough (which was on PlayStation 5).

Chris is not the only one facing these issues. While many others have largely praised Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there is no escaping the many reports of crashes, framerate drops, and stuttering.

Youtube channel Skill That said, while it believes that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is “a great game,” players should “absolutely avoid” it on PC for now.

“It struggles to maintain 40 fps on the 2080ti/3700x and my 4090/5950x can’t maintain a solid 60 fps. There’s also a game breaking audio bug atm that ruins every cutscene.” A PC patch is planned for the game. The effects of that patch have been confirmed,” the channel shared on Twitter.

Meanwhile, RPG james gallezio In his view, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is already a Game of the Year contender, but it is currently “incredibly demanding, even the 7700X due to a CPU bottleneck at 4K at 60 fps”. has fallen below”.

“My experience with the PC I reviewed it on was great, but despite how much I enjoyed the game, it’s hard to ignore,” he said.

Others have also reported crashes while playing through the game.

Hopefully EA’s promised patches will be released in a timely manner, and whatever issues remain after their heyday, a patch will be minor in the grand scheme of things.

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