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EA reveals Star Wars Jedi: Survivor accessibility options, including Slow Mode -By Fsk

EA has revealed the accessibility options added to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which include a Slow Mode toggle to ease both combat and platforming.

Other options include completely remapping controls, subtitle and scene options, and several difficulty settings.

“With Jedi: Survivor, we’ve been able to build on what we’ve learned from Fallen Order,” senior director of development Jonas Lundqvist said in a new blog post on the subject.

“When we released the original game in 2019, we were fortunate to receive great feedback from the community, which helped us to continue improving the game after launch. That experience, and those learnings, helped us get to where we are now. They’ve been hugely important in getting us where we are today. Because they’ve influenced our process as well as the specific features on Jedi: Survivor, and so we want to thank our community for that as we look to bring more players to enjoy. Opening the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Final Gameplay Trailer

Slow Mode will allow players to slow down all action for ease of play. It can also be activated automatically for combat only.

“Slow Mode has been a particularly exciting feature to work on because of its versatility,” Lundqvist said. “This started out primarily as a feature we thought would be helpful in combat, but quickly realized it could be beneficial for a real-time component. Opens up to be more accessible, allows for different reaction times and generally helps make sports more accessible to a larger audience.”

Five difficulty settings will be available – from Story Mode to Jedi Grand Master – and EA confirms there is no difference in in-game rewards earned. “We encourage players to choose the difficulty level that will make their gameplay experience most enjoyable,” the blog post reads.

Other accessibility options include: multiple toggles for subtitles and closed captions; HUD scaling, color profile settings, color blind options; Gameplay modifiers such as auto-targeting, button mash options, and navigation aids.

More options will also be added after launch, including high contrast mode and menu narration.

“At Electronic Arts, we strive to reduce and eliminate unnecessary accessibility barriers so everyone can enjoy our games. Respawn in Jedi: Survivor shows a true dedication to our accessibility commitments, on accessibility from the very beginning By considering, making it a core part of their design process, and listening to the community,” said Morgan Baker, EA’s program lead for accessibility.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set to release on April 28 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.