Epilepsy: Know The Potential Causes Of This Neurological Dysfunction

Epilepsy: Seizure indicators and signs are like a short lived confusion, a staring spell, uncontrollable jerking actions of the legs and arms and extra. Learn right here to know all about epilepsy.

Epilepsy: Know The Possible Causes Of This Neurological Disorder

Epilepsy is a neurological dysfunction during which mind exercise turns into irregular


  1. In accordance with WHO about 50 million individuals have epilepsy the world over
  2. Epilepsy results in recurring seizures
  3. Any head trauma could also be an accident can result in epilepsy

Epilepsy, a persistent neurological dysfunction brought on by extreme or irregular mind electrical exercise can current with seizures or intervals of bizarre behaviour, sensations and lack of consciousness has an total prevalence of 5.59 to 10 per 1,000 individuals in India. What sometimes makes the situation tough to deal with is the seizure symptom which can broadly fluctuate and should or could not final for lengthy. Most get better with medicines and few tough to deal with could require lifelong remedy and surgical procedure. Most seizures are precipitated by recognized triggers. Curiously, there are a number of underlying well being circumstances which can set off epilepsy and provoke seizures. Listed below are a few of them that it’s best to learn about.

Epilepsy danger issue it’s essential to know


1. Head trauma: In case you might have suffered from some sort of head trauma because of accidents or some other head damage, it could actually trigger epilepsy.

2. Sure mind circumstances: There are a number of mind circumstances which will trigger extreme harm to the mind like mind tumours and strokes could cause epilepsy. In truth, stroke is taken into account to be one of many main causes of epilepsy amongst those that are 35 and above.

3. Infectious illnesses: Epilepsy could also be induced by sure infectious illnesses like meningitis, tuberculosis, AIDS and viral encephalitis. In case you undergo or have suffered from any of those infections, you should be cautious of epileptic indicators.

4. Prenatal damage: Threat of epilepsy could happen even earlier than beginning, in case a child suffers from any sort of prenatal damage. When within the womb, infants are extraordinarily delicate to mind harm which can occur because of a number of causes, be it an an infection within the mom or poor vitamin or oxygen deficiency. A mind harm earlier than beginning could change into a set off for epilepsy and cerebral palsy amongst youngsters publish beginning.

5. Improvement problems: Epilepsy could typically happen amongst these affected by developmental problems like autism and neurofibromatosis.

6. Vascular illnesses: A situation associated to blood vessels can result in extreme mind harm and set off epilepsy. Controlling vascular illnesses could assist in managing epilepsy effectively.

7. Dementia: Dementia also can enhance the danger of epilepsy amongst older adults.


Dementia could enhance the danger of epilepsy in aged
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8. Psychological points: These with epilepsy usually tend to undergo from psychological issues like melancholy, nervousness, suicidal ideas and behavioural problems.

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When do you attain out for medical assist?

You should search speedy medical assist if

  • The seizure lasts greater than 5 minutes
  • Respiratory or consciousness would not return after the seizure stops
  • A second seizure follows instantly
  • You have got a excessive fever
  • You are experiencing warmth exhaustion
  • You are pregnant
  • You have got diabetes
  • You have got injured your self throughout the seizure

Seizure indicators and signs are like a short lived confusion, a staring spell, uncontrollable jerking actions of the legs and arms, lack of consciousness or consciousness, psychic signs like worry, nervousness and extra.

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Diagnosing and treating epilepsy

It’s possible you’ll be requested to go for a neurological examination and blood checks initially. With the intention to detect a sort of mind anomalies, chances are you’ll be requested to bear Electroencephalogram (EEG), high-density EEG, computerised tomography (CT scan), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Practical MRI (fMRI), Positron emission tomography (PET) and extra.

The therapy usually begins with remedy and in case the situation can’t be managed by medicine, medical doctors go for surgical procedure. Anti-epileptic remedy might also have sure unwanted side effects like fatigue, dizziness, weight acquire, lack of bone density, pores and skin rashes, lack of coordination, speech issues, reminiscence and pondering issues. Melancholy, suicidal ideas and behavior, extreme rash and irritation of sure organs like liver are among the uncommon and extra extreme side-effects.

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Finest seizure management steps

  • Take medicines as prescribed. By no means cease taking them or seek the advice of your physician earlier than switching to one thing else.
  • Notify your physician instantly should you discover new or elevated emotions of melancholy, suicidal ideas, or uncommon adjustments in your temper or behaviors.
  • Inform your physician when you have migraine together with epilepsy.
  • Get sufficient sleep and train every day.
  • Know your seizure triggers and keep away from them.

(Dr. Shiva Kumar R. is a Senior Advisor – Neurology & Epileptology at Sakra World Hospital)


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