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ESRB confirms a new Tomb Raider Switch collection is on the way -By Fsk

US ratings board ESRB has revealed that a new Tomb Raider collection is on its way to the Switch.

While the games included in the collection haven’t been named, it’s likely they’re spin-offs Guardians of Light and Temple of Osiris, as Switch ports for those titles were quietly delayed late last year.

Tomb Raider Chronicles – 20 Years of Lara Croft

“It is a collection of two action-adventure games in which players help Lara Croft and her allies search for artifacts to stop ancient gods from destroying the world,” the rating description states, exclusively confirmed. Without what are the two games called.

“From a three-quarters-overhead perspective, players traverse jungle ruins and ancient temples, solve puzzles, and battle enemy creatures (e.g., dinosaurs, giant scarabs, stone monsters).”

Equipped with “spears, pistols, machine guns and rifles”, players must defeat “enemy forces in fast-paced combat”.

Because the battles “are accompanied by realistic gunfire, large explosions and screen-shaking effects” and “certain creatures break into pieces and/or spew yellow liquid when hit” – some with “reddish blood” and a mild The game has been awarded a “Teen” rating in the US – with swear words.

For more Tomb Raider goodness, check out Rianna Pratchett’s Tales from the Tomb Raider reboot, featuring Victoria, in which Pratchett insists: “Lara doesn’t need to follow in anyone’s footsteps. She’ll be the footsteps for other people.” Might”.