Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business Posts

Image/Video: You can choose to represent your event with an image, GIF, or a 30 second video (max upload size is 100 mb). You can add up to 10 photos or videos.

The image above is a perfect example of when a post photo doesn’t fit the ideal dimensions, and a black background appears from using the built in photo editor.

Event Title (Optional): You can use up to a maximum of 58 characters (with spaces) for your title. If you are using all of the allowable characters, some of the text will get cut off in the thumbnail preview (more on that below).

It’s not mandatory to add a title, but if you do add one your post will stand out in search results and the title will be bold. Currently you can’t manually bold any  text in posts, and so having a title does make it pop more.

Event Details: You get 1,500 characters to describe your event, it’s really up to you to use that as you wish. Some prefer to keep it short and sweet, while others like to take advantage of the opportunity to use the full room provided.

Start/End Date (Time Frame): Select the dates for your event. Interesting here is that there doesn’t appear to be a limit to your end date. So hypothetically you could add an event post that will be active for months. As soon as you publish any post after your Event post, the new post will take precedence as the first featured post.

Add Event Time (Optional): Add the start and end times of the event, you can even edit it to the minute if you love precision, however, the event time will not be shown publicly. If it’s important to share the exact times with your customers, be sure to add it in the details or to the website if you add a link.

CTA Button

  • Add a button (optional)
  • Book
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign Up
  • Call Now

Thumbnail Preview: This is the visible information that is displayed in the Knowledge Panel and results. The Events post is impacted by both the title, dates, and CTA button; words will get cut off and you’ll see a when that happens, the image also seems to shift in comparison with the What’s New post type.

Here’s an example of how a thumbnail preview on desktop for live Event & Offer Posts in Whitespark’s Knowledge Panel. One with a CTA button and one without, you can see how they vary.

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