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Forza Motorsport includes blind driving assist as part of accessibility features -By Fsk

The upcoming Forza Motorsport will offer Blind Driving Assist as part of its suite of accessibility features.

“The most accessible Forza Motorsport ever,” reads a tweet shared by Xbox, which also included a video of accessibility consultant Brandon Cole using the new Assist.

“It’s bringing the AAA racing genre to the blind community in its entirety,” Cole said in the video.

Forza Motorsport – Blind Driving Assist

The Blind Driving Assist provides supplemental audio cues to help players with low/no vision, an Xbox Wire post explains.

Assists include a steering guide, which plays engine noises and tire sounds as the car moves left and right depending on where the player needs to turn.

There will also be track limit signals that beep when close to the edge of the track, as well as audible information about track condition and orientation, through approach and progress through turns, deceleration and when to shift.

These features are included individually rather than as a single mode.

Other accessibility features will also be available. One Touch Driving will allow players to modify the combination of required inputs, while a number of customizations will be available in the on screen narration.

Just yesterday, accessibility features were also revealed for another Xbox exclusive, Raidfall.

It’s part of Xbox’s push to make its games as accessible as possible.