Four Content Marketing Mistakes Even Experienced Writers Overlook

Content marketing is crucial for every digital marketing campaign. Paid advertisement and SEO will help you reach your prospects, but it’s the content that gets them to take the action you desire. Remember that no matter how expert you are, you can do everything yourself. This is why you need blogger outreach services specialists to find publishers and make the best deals on your behalf for guest posting.

Content marketing is not just about writing sales collaterals. It’s a big field that includes emails, blogs, case studies, and social media posts. This sounds easy for someone who has writing experience, but there are many little things that you have to pay attention to. 

These little things may not sound much big of a deal, but they make all the difference in the world. You have to focus on them if you want to get a better conversion rate and return on marketing investment. Here are some little things that even experienced professionals forget to consider when writing content. 

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Writing for More than One Goals

What is the purpose of writing a piece of content?

  • Increase awareness about a problem
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get subscribers and leads
  • Get online sales
  • Change a perspective

There could be more depending on who you are writing for. This isn’t something a professional writer wouldn’t already know. They always consider the goal of writing that content before they get started. However, the mistake they make is trying to serve more than one purpose from a piece of article. 

An article is not a one size fits all deal. It must serve one primary purpose and be tailored accordingly. You will disturb the coherence and flow of the article if you try to do multiple things at once. A piece of content can have more than one goal, but you shouldn’t write it that way. If some secondary goals fit in naturally, you should let them but not force them. 

2. Starting without Audience Personas

While digital marketers do create audience personas, many writers forget to absorb the true essence of it. The audience personas are mainly created for writers, so they know who they are writing for. If you understand the reader, you will be able to connect and relate to him properly. As discussed above, an article can’t be one piece fits all. So if you want to gain maximum benefit from one article, try to limit its audiences based on their attributes. 

Source: Sprout Social

You will have to use a different language and style when writing for experienced professionals and a different tone when you are giving fashion advice. You shouldn’t just create audience personas but make them as descriptive as possible. Keep them in mind when writing and think like you are talking to them. 

3. Doing Blogger Outreach Yourself

Guest posting is an important content marketing tactic, but it’s not the job of a writer to reach out to bloggers and make deals with them. It takes a lot of time to look for relevant and good websites and contact them to see if they would be interested in publishing your article. This process takes days to complete as communication through email is very slow. 

You will have to reserve at least a month if you have to publish dozens of guest posts. Instead of wasting your time on these things, you should focus on planning and creating the right content. Take the help of a reliable blogger outreach service that can get your guest posts published way faster and cheaper. On top of all, they can also write quality articles for you if you have tight deadlines to meet.

4. Not Considering Buyer’s Journey

This is probably the most common content marketing mistakes that writers make. While it’s only common sense and a very important thing, many experienced writers forget to consider the stage of the reader in the buyer’s journey. There are only three stages, and it’s not very difficult to write content for each stage. 

Credits: Blog.HubSpot

You wouldn’t want to introduce your solution to the reader when he hasn’t even realized that he has a need yet. Likewise, a person who is ready to buy and considering the best option don’t need to be told that there is a need for the product or service. 

It would only waste their time and decrease the readability of the content. On the other hand, you would know exactly what to say to get the reader to take the desired action. On top of that, your content would be more engaging and interesting. We hope that this article helps you to avoid the content marketing mistakes shared and deliver better outcomes.

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