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Game of the week: A busy week with lots of great -By Fsk

Of all things, there’s a lovely moment in the movie Dreamcatcher, where, if memory serves, the main characters are trekking through the woods and all these deer and rabbits and forest animals come through the trees, something Afraid of It’s magical, almost fairy tale like with all these bounding woodland critters. But it’s also scary, because why are they running? What terror are they running from?

In the case of Dreamcatcher I can’t remember – Woodland Tumbling I have leftovers from that movie, I must have seen it on a plane or something. But when I look back at this week and see how busy it has been, I think of Dreamcatcher’s forest. Lots of games, big and small, this week, and at least a few of them have been splashed with Nintendo’s massive beast crashing, unseen for now, through distant bunches.

Maybe I’m wrong, actually. I look at the list and I don’t think the Dungeon Drafters got out of the way for Zelda. It’s a beautiful game, a turn-based strategy game where cards are magic and your position on the board is very important. Each screen dungeon has a new room, a puzzle you have to fight your way through, and when one of the tiles on offer is a glacial library, you’ve already sold me on a lot. Dungeon Drafts is out on PC at the moment, and is well worth grabbing, but it will absolutely sing on Switch when it arrives later in the year. Corner.