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Gary’s Mod Dev Wants To “Get Rid Of The Celebration Of Nazis” In His Game -By Fsk

Garry’s Mod has a Nazi problem, and its developers want to do something about it.

one in doGary Newman, creator of the incredibly popular physics sandbox game and founder of FacePunch Studios, said that “secret” in some of Gary’s mod roleplaying servers are “a bunch of people who really love Nazis”.

“It looks like some of them actually love Nazis even outside of the game,” Newman continued.

“If someone is running a WW2 roleplay server, and taking donations, and this bunch of regular hardcore players really love Nazi stuff… where else are they going to turn the game?

“Are they going to say ‘hey that’s not really what this game is about please find another community?’

Newman reflected on the difficulty of keeping the “good stuff” while getting rid of the “bad stuff” in Garry’s Mod Roleplaying Server.

“We obviously don’t want to ban all WW2 themed games, but we do want to get rid of the celebration of Nazis,” he explained, pondering whether developers should ban Nazi symbolism outright.

It looks like Newman is still working out how to play it, but settled on a kind warning for Garry’s mod server owners:

“We’ve had this gray area for a while and now we’re seeing more of it. How can we work together to stop it, to ban it?”

Newman also emphasized that any action taken by him should not be considered a loss of independence or an attack on the free will of the players.

“It’s not mind control,” he said. “This is not a new thing.

“We’ve taken down servers before, we’ve blocked malicious activity, and we will continue to do so.”

Newman’s tweet followed a poll in which he asked his followers whether the developers should ban the Nazi game mode in Garry’s Mod. 73 percent of respondents voted yes.

Garry’s Mod isn’t the only game with a Nazi problem. The kid-focused Roblox has clamored for liberal fascism, and Valve itself has come under fire from a US senator over Steam hosting Neo-Nazi content.