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Grounded gets Wasps, a construction mosquito and Steam Deck validation -By Fsk

Obsidian’s pint-size garden survival adventure Grounded is back with its big 1.2 update, this time adding a choice of wasps, a construction gauntlet (exactly what it sounds like), and steam deck verification, some of the first troubles on Valve’s handheld fixes.

Starting with Steam deck verification, 1.2 fixes a range of issues, meaning initial loading and log-in should now work properly, signals between gamepad and mouse/keyboard controls should no longer flicker, And the virtual keyboard should now appear correctly as required. Obsidian has optimized and tuned the default graphics settings of Grounded on Steam Deck for a more “pleasant experience”.

Elsewhere, Grounded’s 1.2 update introduces new enemies in the form of wasps, who can be found around the yard guarding their mini-hives or located in the more challenging wasp nests, where players can take on the new Wasp Queen boss. Can also face. Defeating Grounded’s newest enemies will unlock new items to craft, including armor.

Grounded – The Super Duper Game Update 1.2 Trailer.

Other additions include corner stairs – made of different materials and in different configurations – as well as overhauled turrets, and a new base coziness system, which includes over 100 new crafting items. It also brings mutation loadouts, giving players the option to configure and quickly recall up to four loadouts by using RIGHT on the D-pad to call up the new radial menu.

Additionally, Obsidian has added several new game settings, allowing players to instantly unlock all mutations, starting the game with an active mutation limit of up to five, and more – including the option to enable the new Handy Gnat . This cute construction companion essentially allows players to stand without gravity, allowing Mosquito to blueprint, build, and customize bases as needed. Handy Gnat is enabled by default in Creative and Creative with Bug game modes.

To celebrate Grounded’s new 1.2 update, Obsidian is holding a free weekend on Steam from April 27th to May 1st. And the game is currently 25% off on Steam as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Publisher Sale, down from £34.99 to £26.24.