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Hand-painted indie End of Lines “inspired by looming climate crisis” is out next month -By Fsk

End of Lines, a hand-painted indie narrative game, will be available May 25 for PC and Switch.

The interactive graphic novel comes from Nova-Box, the award-winning creators behind Grooves and Sears Isle, and is inspired by “the looming climate crisis.”

You can check out the “beautifully hand-drawn, heart-wrenching vision of a future where the world failed to act on our rapidly changing climate” in the new teaser trailer below:

End Of The Lines – Trailer

According to the studio’s prior games, in End of Lines, “every choice counts” as you manage supplies – and morale – in “a brutal environment where death can be faced at any moment”. It follows a group of survivors as they “roam the ravaged countryside of Southern Europe, searching for a safe place to settle and a semblance of normalcy, finding everything but each other”. after losing”.

The story offers a wide variety of characters, an immersive soundtrack, and a “beautifully illustrated storybook” where each plays a “novel-size “adventure” and provides a portion of the hundreds of hand-painted illustrations created for the game. does”.