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Here’s the first trailer for gothic action-platformer sequel Ish Ninda 2 -By Fsk

It’s been a while since The Game Kitchen announced it was working on a sequel to its gorgeous, gothic action-platformer Blasphemy, but now — with a release slated for “late summer” 2023 — we’ve got to wait for it. Here is the first trailer of Cynical 2.

The original Blasphemy released back in 2019 to well-deserved acclaim, a rock-solid 2D Metroidvania-meets-souls-like tale married to dark religious iconography, a gorgeously rendered world of demons, and genuinely disturbing visuals. Wally infused insanity with baroque imagery.

In its upcoming sequel, Blasphemy’s original edgy hated hero The Penitent One returns for another adventure – tying into the first game’s Wounds of Eventide Update ending – in a strange new land ravaged by a curse known as The Miracle. The Labyrinth is set on land.

Blasphemy 2 Trailer Revealed.

Along with the expected choice of new monsters and powerful bosses, Blasphemy 2 introduces a choice of three new weapons: the Mace-like Strike Sensor, capable of slow but powerful flaming attacks, the Rapier and Dagger for lightning-fast accuracy, and the Prayer. Blades for a “sticky and versatile combo”. New moves can be learned by unlocking Weapon Memories.

Blasphemy 2 will launch for PC and Switch “late summer” this year.