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Hideo Kojima raised eyebrows after meeting Saudi Prince -By Fsk

Hideo Kojima likes to share all his activities on Twitter. And how will we really know what Léa Seydoux is doing?

However, another recent post of hers has created quite a stir among her followers. Earlier today, the Metal Gear creator shared a photo of himself standing next to Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud (there was also the Kojima Productions mascot).

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For a little background, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud is the president of the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) and the Arab Esports Federation. He is also the Vice President of the Global Esports Federation.

This photo has led many to speculate that some kind of business deal is being done behind the scenes at Kojima Productions. And, well, a lot of people aren’t exactly thrilled with this potential partnership. (It should be noted, Other Kojima in the studio and also shared photos of himself with this mascot).

“Kojima the Saudi is one of the main pillars supporting the modern war economy you predicted in your 2008 opus Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots!” wrote a follower (with full use of capitals).

one more added it’s a “Rare L from Hideo Kojima”, while Andrew Elmore of Bungie simply replied: “Dammit yaar aa jao.”

Here are some more reactions to Kojima’s recent meet-and-greet:

On the plus side, at least Kojima wasn’t meeting Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Correct? The country’s highly controversial prince founded Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, which now has investments in Nintendo, Capcom, Nexon, EA, Activision Blizzard and Take-Two, and is a majority owner of SNK.

For Kojima Productions, Death Stranding 2 was officially announced late last year. Since then, Kojima has periodically released shots of its actors and peeks behind the scenes, though we still know very little about the game.