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High-quality scans of original Pokémon watercolor art shared for the first time -By Fsk

Over the years, scans of Sugimori Ken’s original watercolor artwork of the first two generations of Pokémon species have circulated online. For the first time ever, high-quality scans of the artwork are being shared with the Pokémon community in hopes of amassing a collection.

The images depict the first 251 Pokémon to appear in the games and were uploaded by YouTuber and Pokémon archivist LewTwo Twitter, Scans were sent to Lutvo by a Twitter user ExcaliburZero_Z,

believed to be the origin of the old scan pokemon red and blue player guideThat’s where they ended up with “the wrong color, often misshapen, and generally very low quality,” Levvo explained.

The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero Trailer.

Looking at the new scans shared so far, the difference in quality is clearly visible when compared to the old scans. Colors look less washed out and outlines are more pronounced. Look at the torsos and it’s incredible how much was lost in the first colors. Instead of various shades of orange, torsos have shades of brown! and grey! And looks a lot like the Tauros we’re used to seeing.

Levvo has shared scans for several other Pokémon, including Ivysaur, Diglett, and Odish. Levvo said they would work with sites like Bulbapedia to share the new scans, as well as put them on their Pokémon Asset Archive for preservation. The original scans will also be available online for those who wish to view them.