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Honkai: Star Rail is on track, 2 million downloads already -By Fsk

Honkai: Star Rail, the latest game from Genshin Impact developer Hoyverse, has already been downloaded over 20 million times.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty impressive figure considering the game only came out two days ago, even though it’s free to download.

Here’s the release trailer for Honkai: Star Rail to show it off in action.

The game broke records by reaching the number one spot on the iOS game download charts in more countries than any before, as reported by industry analyst Daniel Ahmed,

Prior to Honkai: Star Rail’s release on PC and mobile, the game had over 30 million pre-registrations. Of these, 21m came from China, with an additional 10m from around the world. The game is currently in development for the PlayStation as well.

Starlight Express. Image via Weibo.

Eurogamer recently gave Honkai: Star Rail a recommended badge, with our Jessica calling it “more than Genshin Impact in space”.

“The story execution might fall flat at times, and the environments might look a bit bland, but with the promise of a lesson from your buds right around the corner, and delightful combat challenges to deal with, I can’t help But excited for the next destination of the Astral Express,” she wrote in her review.

In the meantime, if you’re one of the many people aboard Honkai: Star Rail’s Astral Express but need a little extra hand, be sure to check out our guides. Here are some to get you started: