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is an official call of duty board game -By Fsk

An official Call of Duty board game has been announced.

Activision and Arcane Wonders released a teaser video, below, that doesn’t tell us anything about “Call of Duty: The Board Game,” but the official presentation helps a bit.

“Get ready for the ultimate Call of Duty tabletop experience! We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Call of Duty: The Board Game, an exciting new strategy game based on the popular video game franchise.

“With intense combat, tactical planning and stunning artwork featuring miniatures of iconic soldiers and weapons from the series, this game is sure to satisfy any Call of Duty fan. Keep an eye out for a Kickstarter launch in late summer 2023 and Be one of the first to experience this epic board game!”

Yes, there’s a Kickstarter for this planned for this summer (such is the norm for board games, even those licensed from billion-dollar companies). And of course, expect miniatures of Captain Price, Ghost, Soap and other popular characters from the Shooter series.

It will be interesting to see how Call of Duty’s real-time, first-person shooter gameplay transitions to the board game format. Players will plan their moves together and then resolve them on a map, with line of sight used to trigger combat, Polygon reports.

Expected to launch in 2024.