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Looks Like A Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine Will Be Coming Soon -By Fsk

It looks like Lego is set to release a Pac-Man arcade machine model this summer.

Images of the set have been making the rounds online, and while the images in question are very blurry, they appear to show the upper half of the Pac-Man cabinet. There also appear to be Lego models of Pac-Man and two of the little ghosts, along with half of the cabinet.

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While nothing has been officially announced according to the Lego leaker falconbricks, the set will be released on June 1st and will sell for $269.99 (that’s around £217). At the same time, it is said to have 2651 pieces.

You can see below what it looks like for you:

With this set, Lego may be on the verge of revealing a Legend of Zelda-themed model.

Back in February, the bricklayer began removing videos uploaded to YouTube discussing the rumored Legend of Zelda set, issuing copyright claims left, right and center. The move was seen as a confirmation that the set was indeed genuine.

But while these sets have yet to be officially confirmed, we have several Sonic-themed models on the horizon. These four sets will arrive on 1 August, ranging in price from £24.99 to £94.99.

You can read more on Lego’s Sonic sets thanks to Ed’s breakdown on them all here.