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Mankind’s new Para Bellum Wonder Pack DLC is free to claim for a limited time -By Fsk

There’s a lot of activity going on right now around developer Amplitude’s massive historical 4X strategy game HumanKind, and as part of all of that, its newly released Para Bellum Wonder Pack DLC is currently free to claim and keep, but only one For a limited time.

The Para Bellum Wonder Pack adds a total of six new Cultural Wonders, one for each of the game’s successive eras. The stables of Pi-Ramesses are first available in Era 1 and are followed by the Colosseum, the Citadel of Alamut, the Hôtel des Invalides, Whillmshaven Werft, and, as we move into the modern era, the Pentagon.

As you can imagine, each wonder brought various benefits to the empires that created them, from increased land movement speed and enhanced district fortifications through the Pentagon and bombardment benefits through to the stables of Pi-Ramesses. Reduction in cavalry/land vehicle maintenance for Full details of these bonuses can be found in Amplitude’s announcement.

Mankind: Para Bellum Wonders Pack DLC launch trailer.

Normally, the Para Bellum Wonder Pack would cost £2.49/2.99€/$2.99, but it’s free to claim and keep on Steam and Epic until May 10th. Additionally, along with last year we have extended the rule extension including Mankind and its other parts are exempted till May 5th.

Humankind’s Para Bellum Wonder Pack launches today, April 26, and comes with free Vauban base game updates, quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations for less specialized hardware, as Detailed in the patch notes.