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Marciplier ready to finance, write and star in a film adaptation of indie horror, Iron Lung -By Fsk

Content creator Mark “Markplier” Fishback is bringing indie horror Iron Lung to life in a life-action film.

As reported by Deadline and spotted by Polygon, the film — which has already entered production in Austin, Texas — is written and financed by MarkPlayer, and a producer with actor Caroline Rose Kaplan. Will also star

The first official teaser is available below:

Iron Lung | Official Teaser Trailer.

Iron Lung is based on the 2022 horror game by David Szymanski, and is described on Steam as a “miniature horror game where you pilot a tiny submarine through a sea of ​​blood on an alien moon”.

It was initially set to feature fellow content creator Jacksepticeye as “The Fish”, however a later update confirmed that Jack would play “the part of speaker #2” instead of The Fish.

“Yeah, the reason I’ve been so busy lately is because I’ve been heavily involved in the production of the Iron Lung movie, from assisting with the script and pre-production to now being on set for shooting and even Cameo in that little movie!” The game’s creator, Szymanski, recently revealed.

“I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out so far. It’s going to be something very special and very wild.”