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Mega Man Legacy Collection acknowledges “insensitive cultural depictions” via in-game disclaimer -By Fsk

Capcom has chosen to acknowledge the “insensitive cultural depiction” in its recently released The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection via a warning message at the beginning of the game.

Fans watching The Warning have praised Capcom for paying attention to the collection’s content – while retaining the original-released games to preserve it.

The disclaimer notes, “Capcom values ​​diversity and inclusivity within its games and its community.” “Please be aware that the games in this collection may contain some cases of insensitive cultural depictions that were originally created to preserve their authenticity.”

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

As reported by The Gamer, users on the ResetEra forum are discussing which elements of the collection inspired Capcom’s warning message, something along the lines of the 2001 Game Boy Advance title Mega Man Battle Network 2. Possible examples are coming up.

The game depicts an American town where you are quickly robbed by a black man, and encounter another black man at a market stall praying “my God and the chicken he provided” comments about doing. Another black character – who should be beaten in a rap battle – “Whatzat? You wanna summa dis whiskey?” and “You just get out of da crib, baby! Go suck your mother’s milk!”.

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection includes both Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Battle Network 2 and Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and White.

Its initial message is reminiscent of content disclaimers added by TV and movie streaming services to warn viewers of content now widely deemed objectionable or outdated.

The issue of original works being edited for modern consumption has spread further, with recent examples of books by authors such as Enid Blyton and Roal Dahl being edited by their publishers to remove “objectionable terms”.