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Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate friend referral -By Fsk

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers can now refer a friend to PC Game Pass, and gift them 14 days of free subscription time.

Friends you invite must be new to Game Pass in order to redeem the trial, and you’re limited to doing so with five people. Also, to be clear, this is only for the PC portion of Game Pass.

Still, two weeks of free game time isn’t anything to sniff at, and of course this subscription includes access to new first-party Xbox games – such as Redfall – and access to the EA Play and Riot Games libraries is included.

Redfall is available now on Xbox and PC.

Perhaps a friend of yours is tempted to try out Sea of ​​Thieves but doesn’t want to shell out full price?

Microsoft has recently ended its generous £1/$1 Game Pass trial offer – seemingly for good. It appears to be something of a replacement.

It also makes sense to roll it out today alongside the launch of Bethesda’s co-op vampire shooter Redfall, which joins Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC on day one.

“About a third of the way through – I’d estimate – and playing solo in a game that’s meant to be played with others, I’d say there are some good bones in here,” said our Christian Donlan, reporting on his experience with Red so far. decline.

“It feels like the technology is creaking and some of the ideas – loot and other assorted fatalism – are probably imposed from above. But there’s a lot of charm in this game already, and it’s very hard to patch after the fact.”