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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds stormtrooper elder dragon Amatsu tomorrow -By Fsk

Capcom has detailed the additions coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak — including the weather-manipulating elder dragon Amatsu — as part of the expansion’s free April update, and confirmed that a final free update will arrive in June.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Title Update 5 (also called version 15) launches tomorrow, April 20th, and its major new arrival is Looming Calamity, better known as the elder dragon Amatsu. This formidable creature can control the weather, unleash violent storms and lightning strikes once its true power is shown, and is available to hunters of MR 10 or higher.

Alongside Amatsu is Title Update 5’s second creature addition, Shagaru Magala, a powerful Risen variant that becomes available at MR 180 or higher. As you’d expect, new equipment can be forged from materials dropped by both creatures, including the Palamute outfit resembling a floating armored horse.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Title Update 5 Trailer.

Elsewhere in Title Update 5, two Risen Elder Dragons have been added to the Anomaly Research quests and the Anomaly Investigation cap has been increased to 300. After completing Anomaly Investigations at the new level cap, players can unlock new quest types known as Special Investigations. These pit hunters face off against the toughest monsters, each sporting a variety of behavior-altering power-ups, including strength and sweeping breath attacks.

Alongside all this, the title update introduces new event quests with 5 special rewards, including a slightly sinister Cheshire-cat-like outfit, a pair of shiny speedos and a buff body, Lagombi bunny ears, plus poses and new layered Armor included.

And, of course, no title update would be complete without the inclusion of paid DLC, which this month includes the new Monster & Elgado Music Chill Version background music pack – featuring remixes of familiar Monster Hunter tunes – as well as New Layer Armored, Sir Jey and Oboro the Mercenary Hunter voices, face paint, hairstyles, special stickers, and more.

As part of today’s announcement, Capcom has confirmed Monster Hunter Rise: Sabretooth will get a one-off “bonus” content update in June, introducing one last additional monster — but it looks like its identity has yet to be revealed. Before that we have to wait a bit.

Title Update 5 will launch tomorrow, April 20th, for Switch and PC, and will be available for other platforms later this year. Capcom has now confirmed that Xbox and PlayStation players will have access to all the free content up to version 13, when Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion launches for those platforms on April 28. Content from Version 14 and beyond will arrive on Xbox and PlayStation “after summer 2023”.