Multicurrency Pro Review For WooCommerce 2021: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Are you looking to transfer money to other countries? I present you Multi-Currency Pro, an efficient tool that on woo commerce and it is open-source software. It allows customers to browse through products and they can check out to make transactions. Everyone across the globe has access to the internet where lots of transactions take place daily. Multi-currency pro is a currency switcher plug-in for woo commerce. It can generate unlimited currency and payments can be done through the currency method.

Bottom Line Upfront: Multi-Currency Pro is a WooCommerce extension that lets users change the pricing of the product into their home currency. Being an online store owner, Multi-Currency Pro is the best way to let your customers purchase the products in their currency. You can decide which currencies you want to add to your store. Start using Multi-Currency Pro to change the pricing into different currencies.

This website is beneficial to every user who wants to switch their country’s currency. The premium version consists of an option where you can select currencies that you want to enable on your online store. The rates of the currency can be set automatically or manually. 

Multi-currency pro is one of the best and free currency exchange plug-in. It runs multiple currencies. 

As the online store is fast-paced, you will get brand recognition and promotions of the products through purchasing globally through different plug-in features which will be enabled to users on the website. However, it will be challenging when you run an online store but the benefits make it easier for you when you reap out of your business.

About Multicurrency Pro Review: In A Nutshell

Woo-commerce mmlti-currency pro extension by primers enables launching the multi-currency store with flexible settings and the other valuable features which make this plugin stand out from the existing on the market. 

Multi-Currency-Pro - Overview

Multi-Currency-Pro - Overview

Primers woo-commerce built is available in both free and premium versions. This plug-in just with help of one widget displays all parameters available for filtering in the menu category that a user is borrowing at the moment.

For example, we go to the shoe men category and see the selection of all parameters that you choose your shoes for also this filter provides us with the possibility of filtering search results. For instance, we are entering the key back in the search field then we see Sl the search results available and in the sidebar, we see a filter for a range of parameters available for this search bar. 

On condition, we use primers woo-commerce brands plug-in filter which will enable product filtering by brands so if you have the pro version brands plug-ins installed in your store the filter would be displayed on a separate brand page. 

Features Of Multicurrency Pro


Multicurrency pro - Currency

Multicurrency pro - Currency

  • In the premium version of the woo commerce filter, the plug-in will be able to display filtering parameters like color or size with the help of labels. 
  • The major feature of the premium version of the woo commerce filter plug-in is the option of cremation. They create URLs for the pages generated by the store search results and the results are filtered by the color which will be displayed in the following ways. 
  • You can see a desperate landing page rather than just a set of parameters. Apart from that, all the landing pages created by this method can be extended with some additional SEO parameters such as a unique title, description, meta title, and meta description. 
  • All pages created this way are referred to the site map and with the help go the Yoast SEO plug-in there indexed more quickly by the search engines. 
  • This particular feature of the woo commerce will apply and contributes greatly to the store traffic increases and promotions of the low volume keywords happen. 
  • A large number of landing pages with unique titles and descriptions creates favorable conditions for rising research results rating for the low volume keywords like black shoes or shoes like a particular season or particular occasions or particular brands such option is only available in the premium version. 


Multicurrency pro - Order

Multicurrency pro - Order

  • Multi-currency Pro is very convenient to the store users as they will be able to pay for their orders the way they found most comfortable.
  • The woo-commerce multi-currency pro operates seamlessly with payment gateways and shipping methods. It has been tested as well.
  • There’s also a shortcode that enables the currency switcher and it can be placed in any spot on your web page not necessarily in the widget area but right not to a product price.
  • This way you can enable multi-currency in your online store. With multi-currency pro, you can display prices in the main currency as well as price lists well that include different currencies.
  • In the other words, you can easily manage different supplier and don’t worry about your site’s usability,
  • The primer woos commerce multi-purpose pro-plug-in shows you to start a plugin shows you suitable settings and several additional settings.


Multicurrency Pro - Design

Multicurrency Pro - Design

  • Some other plug-in features add flexibility to currency management. They are as follows:
  • We can create a new currency enter its name in the international currency code and its position related to the price digits left or right.
  • We can choose either a decimal or a thousand separator plus we can select several digits after the comma to be shown in prices and enter the exchange rate. Here we have a currency created.
  • In the dashboard, we can see how each particular currency will be displayed and edited if necessary. We can choose the main currency which will be displayed by default to all website users.
  • Another feature plug-in is its compatibility in particular with other catching plug-ins like super cache, total cache, and rocket cache.
  • So if you use any caching plug-in make sure you use it and save changes and then click the calculate all product price button.
  • This will notify our plug-in that we use caching and this way will avoid the situation when our stock prices will be cached in one currency and will confuse our buyers.
  • To output the currency option in our store we’ve created a widget that is called multi-currency and we can choose its title and its position similar to any other widget.
  • As a result, our widget will be present in the sidebar and afterward, we can select a needed currency at the same time change all product prices.
  • Currency chosen by a user would also be used during the checkout. So, if you choose the euro as your shopping currency all the cart and checkout details will be presented in the euro as well.

Prefix permalink manager 

Multi-Currency-Pro- License Information

Multi-Currency-Pro- License Information

  • By default in woo commerce contains an additional prefix product category. For example, we open the category and see a product category critics. 
  • You can observe the same thing in all-stock categories at the same time all products contain prefix products. We open a product and see a product price such URL structure complicates the process of recognition of the store by the search engines and makes URL quite illogical as a page with a prefix product does not exist.
  • The primers woo-commerce permalink manager allows you to change the way you stole URL is performed and it does it the following way.
  • In this, we activate the plug-in and see that for a category plug we can either leave the category name in its URL or leave the full category path which looks more logical to users and search engines. We can do the same to the products and we can leave either a product name without any categories or the last category.
  • We can also leave a full product path which will also look more reasonable to the search engines and users.
  • Apart from product category and product woo-commerce adds a tech base to the tags. So, by default, all tags would have a prefix product tag. This feature is only available in the premium version of primers permanent manager and if we mark the checkbox then all the tag-based labels from all tags will be removed. 


The major benefits of these products are the following:

  • The plug-in enables entering the product price in a selected currency others just have one main currency and apply the automatic currency conversion you can do it in a quite straightforward way.
  • If we have a selected currency created, for example, the Euro and the US dollars while editing a product you choose a currency that will be displayed in a product price and save it.
  • This Europa will be the main product-currency and on the interface, the prices would be automatically displayed in the currency preferred by a user.
  • Woo-commerce multi-currency pro extension by primers enables launching the multi-currency store with flexible settings and the other valuable features which make this plugin stand out from the existing on the market.

Multicurrency Pro Pricing | How Much Does Multicurrency Pro Cost?

Multicurrency pro - Pricing

Multicurrency pro - Pricing

1.Personal Plan

  • The pricing plan costs $39 per year.
  • It is applicable and allows only one website.
  • It gives you a lifetime update.
  • It also provides you with lifetime support.

2.Developer Plan

  • The pricing plan costs $99 per year.
  • It is applicable and allows you for three websites.
  • It gives you a lifetime update.
  • It provides you with lifetime support.

3.Expert Plan

  • The pricing plan costs $199 per year.
  • It is for experts and it’s applicable for 999 websites.
  • It gives you a lifetime update.
  • It provides you with lifetime support.
  • All the pricing plans have a 100% money-back guarantee. There’s also a refund if it’s requested within 30 days.

Multicurrency Pro Pros & Cons

Pros Of MultiCurrency Pro

  • Transactions in various currencies are simple and easy.
  • There’s no need to have a separate bank account.
  • You can carry out your business transactions with a bank account such as sending money, making withdrawals paying employees, and receiving deposits in different currencies.
  • Safe to access bank accounts in any part of the world via online banking or through an app.
  • You can download reports to monitor your account transactions.
  • The customer service format is in the form of a chat service or phone service. You can choose any one of them according to your convenience.
  • Customer service is around the clock which is 24*7 working hours, seven days a week, and 365 days.
  • They offer premium services such as business loans and banking and other products.

Cons Of MultiCurrency Pro

  • The currency exchange rate is the biggest concern. You may not get the most preferred rates of exchange for transferring funds between different currency accounts.
  • The maintenance is very high for administration and also low for having a multi-currency feature on your websites.
  • It comes with higher maintenance costs too.
  • Complex transactions and exchange requirements can be an issue sometimes.
  • It requires a minimum balance in a bank account to avoid maintenance fees.
  • Fee-free offers may include hidden charges, as it essential to all the account information before making your choice.

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FAQs On Multicurrency Pro Review

👉Is a multi-currency pro suitable for your business?

Multi-currency pro offers worldwide bank transactions for multi-purpose exchange currencies which in turn attracts customers. It enables you to streamline your financial records, it also keeps customers’ costs and it helps you to be more competitive.

👉How to find the right currency account?

You have to regularly check out what the market has to offer and research customer feedback with what they feel or how beneficial it is to them. You have to also do thorough research feedback on other business users or investors. This will help you to make a confident choice.

👉How are the features developed for?

It often happens that a store owner has a few suppliers and they provide price lists in different currencies. Thus the site minimum can import products from the price list suggested by the supplier and his/her store will automatically convert the product price into the main currency that is set in the store and dispose to the store users.

Conclusion: Multicurrency Pro Review 2021

Multi-currency pro is one of the best and free currency exchange plug-in. It runs smoothly in woo commerce and it is open-source software. It allows customers to browse through products and they can check out in multiple currencies. The plug-ins sos concerts product price, shipping price, coupons, and taxes to customers preferential currency based on the exchange rate.

It gives you immediate and safe access to accounts in any part of the world. You can grow cash and protect it in an offshore jurisdiction securely, balancing business risk. You can instantly download reports to assess and monitor account transactions.

You will receive excellent customer service in the format that suits you best such as phone or live chat around the clock service. Some multi-currency accounts in Laos offer preferential access to other premium services such as business loans, savings, or other products.

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