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My job as an Alden Ring Crab delivery driver -By Fsk

Emma’s Adventures is a new monthly column for Eurogamer supporters written by Emma Kent – with an uncanny knack for finding the weirdest adventures in games.

In the wild, abandoned wastes of the hallowed snowfield, a warrior stands on a frozen edge rock, his broad frame shaded against a soulless sky. His tattered cloak rose into the air, catching a bit on his armour. The crunch of snow behind him betrays the steps of a living thing, and he turns to face his opponent. Another challenger is coming. Idiot.

The warrior draws his sword, dull edges bent and twisted by the brute force of previous blows. The deep red lines have dried in the hilt. She mutters an incantation under her breath, attuning her body to the bone-chilling effect of the battle. The two figures circle each other, stopping just outside the striking range. For a moment, even the ferocious wind calms down, its fury subsiding to watch the duel below. Then the veteran lets out a cry, raising his terrible blade to strike the first blow. But to his horror, his opponent has already moved on. An unrecognizable pang of dread runs through the warrior. He looks towards the ground.

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