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Naughty Dog continues efforts to fix PC port of The Last of Us Part 1, releases another patch -By Fsk

Naughty Dog has released another update for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, which is known as Patch 1.0.3.

The developer is doing its best to fix the game, which was infamously released earlier this year in an incredibly broken state. In fact, Joel and Ellie quickly became a meme upon the PC game’s release, with the characters getting inexplicably wet during cutscenes and, well, eyebrow conditions.

The Digital Foundry team shares their thoughts on The Last of Us Part 1 on PC.

Since its PC launch Naughty Dog with Iron Galaxy has been constantly releasing patches to address things like game crashes and various UI issues.

Teams’ latest patch does the same, along with updated keyboard and mouse controls, which will allow players to “reassign arrow keys”. They also fixed an issue where toggling the player character’s flashlight could cause the environment to “shift” for a moment.

You can read the full patch notes from Naughty Dog below:

  • Added new audio compatibility options (Options > Audio > Compatibility)
  • Output Mode: Adjust which sound is played through the OS native sound driver. If you experience muffled, missing, or unusually quiet audio, select different settings. If you’re experiencing unusually quiet music or dialogue during cutscenes, for example, try Spatial mode instead of the Hybrid default.
  • Latency: Adjust the short period of delay between when a sound effect is requested and when it plays. The higher latency improves the reliability of audio playback, especially on less specialized CPUs. Increase this value if you are experiencing pops, clicks, or distorted sounds. The high latency also addresses issues with audio interfaces configured with large buffer sizes and some wireless headphones. Note: You will need to restart the game for this change to take effect.
  • Updated keyboard and mouse (KBM) controls to allow players to reassign arrow keys
  • Updated the ‘building shaders percentage’ user interface (UI) to track progress more evenly
  • Restored audio in the end credits which is accessed through the main game, Left Behind or Extras menus
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to resume or quit the game after opening a collectible in the Backpack UI
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while sitting (for long periods of time) or entering combat areas
  • Fixed an issue where texture quality in game appeared to be lower than the target quality setting
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s backpack could fail to render after changing the UI render scale (Options > Display > Resolution scaling > Scaling mode > Render scale).
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy NPC could T-pose if Joel does a single input quickturn while holding said enemy
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the player character’s flashlight could cause the environment to change momentarily
  • Fixed an issue where using a flashlight in dark areas could cause the light to appear corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where lighting and fog could appear in lower resolution on Ultra settings
  • Fixed an issue where the VRAM usage UI did not update properly when reducing the display resolution
  • Fixed an issue where water reflections could appear garbled or pixelated
  • Fixed an issue where Quicktime Events UI prompts were not rendering on minimum spec setups
  • Fixed an issue where moving quickly left and right while aiming could cause the camera to shift unintentionally
  • Fixed an issue where collectibles tracking from the Steam and Epic clients did not match in-game collectibles tracking, preventing achievements from unlocking
  • Fixed an issue where player animations might not play correctly when playing at high FPS
  • [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue where screen reader KBM would not register ‘move’ and ‘rotate’ inputs
  • [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue where the heads-up display (HUD) of performance statistics would still be visible after the menu was hidden
  • [Lakeside Resort, Bus Depot] Enhanced active loading to reduce load times during gameplay
  • [Bill’s Town] Fixed an issue where players could lose the ability to cancel their reload while caught in a Bill’s trap
  • [Tommy’s Dam] Fixed an issue where interacting with the training manual forced the player to pick up El Diablo’s gun and lock camera movement
  • [The University] Fixed an issue where after Joel opens a door, the melee sign disappears while he fights with an enemy NPC
  • [Lakeside Resort] Fixed an issue where a loading screen could appear during battle
  • [Lakeside Resort] Fixed an issue where the player was unable to perform a fistfight after the David boss fight
  • [Bus Depot] Fixed an issue where pieces of geometry would appear corrupted or torn
  • [New Game+] Fixed an issue with New Game+ mode being ignored during chapter selection even though it was the last loaded game

left behind standalone

  • Restored audio in final flashback cutscene with Ellie and Riley
  • Fixed a crash when starting the generator when custom skins were enabled for both Ellie and Joel
  • Fixed an issue in the mall where the banner above the Pixitech store flickered after leaving the pet shop
  • Fixed an issue where, after switching the game to windowed mode, the Riley Pendant would not maintain its aspect ratio when rotating

easy access

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use the Screen Magnifier with KBM controls


  • [German] Updated translation on shaders UI
  • [Simplified/Traditional Chinese] Fixed an issue where glyphs would not render properly

epic games store

  • Fixed an issue where the “Getting to Know You” achievement would not unlock during natural gameplay progression


  • Fixed an issue where Spores could appear corrupted or blocked in the world

steam deck

Fixed an issue where the native UI overlapped the ‘look’ prompt
[Left Behind] Enhanced the size of the arcade’s mini-game button user interface


Toggling the player character’s flashlight when AMD FSR 2 is enabled can cause the environment to corrupt momentarily.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in graphical corruption or crashing during gameplay when running the game at Ultra settings on Nvidia GPUs
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save on an Nvidia GPU
  • Fixed an issue where changing NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution sharpening settings had no effect