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Nintendo accepts Mario character name change for Japan. -By Fsk

A Mario character who appears in the new Super Mario Bros. movie will be re-named in Japan, Nintendo has confirmed.

Mario and Luigi’s former boss Spike appears in the film as a stern foreman and rival to the brothers’ new firm. The character is a deep cut from the Mario canon, and originally appeared in the 1980s NES and arcade game Wrecking Crew.

In Japan, Spike has always had the name “Blackie” – which for obvious reasons will no longer be used. Thereafter, the character would be re-named as “Spike” in any future appearances, and the Japanese dub of Super Mario Bros. Movie would also use “Spike”.

The most recent trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

“The character ‘Blackie’, who appears in the family computer software ‘Wrecking Crew’, will be renamed ‘Spike’, which is similar to the name in Europe and the United States,” Nintendo wrote in a statement. Twitter this morning.

“Also, the name Spike is also in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, released on April 28, 2023.”

Japan has had to wait several weeks for the Super Mario Bros. Movie to hit its theaters, while the film continues to smash box office records around the world. It is the biggest video game movie adaptation of all time and the best animated film launch ever.

Oh, and “Peaches”—Jack Black’s Bowser ballad from the movie—is also proving popular.

“We’ve come a long way from Bowser’s brief cameo in Wreck-It Ralph, when Nintendo took notes for Disney’s animators to show Bowser holding a tea cup just right,” I wrote in Eurogamer’s Super wrote in a review of the Mario Bros. Movie. “Light’s version of this world, created by hand with Miyamoto in white gloves, undoubtedly allows more freedom – although, perhaps unusually for Miyamoto, the tea table refuses to bother itself. “