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Norton Mobile Security – 1 Device – 1 Year (Email Delivery in 2 Hours – No CD)

Price: ₹799 - ₹499.00
(as of May 10,2023 09:13:51 UTC – Details)

Mobile devices need security too. Hackers have developed stealthy new threats just for mobile — threats that can spy on your location information, steal your passwords or damage your device. Norton Mobile Security helps keep your data on lockdown, so you can go mobile without worry.

Stop malicious apps with exclusive threat-detecting technology.
Mobile devices are not immune to malware and apps can have big security issues. Hackers can hide malicious code designed to steal your personal and financial information in seemingly legitimate apps. Many apps require access to data on your device, like your contacts or photos. Norton Mobile Security protects you from malware and mobile threats. App Advisor for Google Play scans apps before you download them to warn you about any malicious code or privacy risks.1,2 App report cards even tell you where in the world personal information will get sent and alerts you if an app consumes a lot of data or drains the battery.

Go online on the go with a traveling security solution.
Online security risks that plague computers have gone mobile. From phishing scams that trick victims into sharing private information to ransomware that demands money in exchange for stolen data, mobile attacks are on the rise. In fact, cybercrimals target mobile devices because they’re less likely to be secure. With Norton Mobile Security, you’ll get an alert when you connect to an unsecure network, a built-in search engine that flags unsafe sites and a phishing blocker that helps protect your personal information.1,3 Now you can browse the news, check your email and even make mobile payments with new peace of mind.

Recover a lost device quickly.
Your whole life is on your mobile. Protect your contacts, photos, passwords and more.
Norton Mobile Security lets you remotely lock data on a lost device to prevent unwelcome access. Then, use Remote Locate to pinpoint the location of your device so you can retrieve it and restore your data. If you misplaced your device around the house, you can trigger an alarm to find it quickly.
This software works on devices with India IP addresses only
Norton Mobile Security – 1 Device – 1 Year (Email Delivery in 2 Hours – No CD)
Award-winning proactive protection against Android apps with risks
Safe Browsing: Protects your device and your personal data from malicious sites that install ransomware, Trojans and other threats
Recover a lost device quickly; Don’t let a lost device ruin your day; With device recovery protection you’ll find it fast
Unsecure Wi-Fi Notifications; Alerts you if you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network or public hotspot that’s not secure
Protective Threat Blocker: Scans and removes apps with harmful viruses, malware, spyware or other threats; 1 It’s powered by Norton Mobile Insight, a unique app-intelligence system that is continuously updated with threat information to protect you and your device from bad apps