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Paradox reveals details of Final Cities: Skylines DLC -By Fsk

The final expansion for Cities: Skylines has been officially unveiled by publisher Paradox Interactive.

Hotel and Retreat, previously teased under the title Vacation With Us, will allow players to build hotels and tourist attractions to help boost their city’s economy.

Developer Colossal Order announced that this expansion will be the last for Cities: Skylines, after eight years of post-launch content, as it continues to work on a sequel set for release later this year.

Hotel and Retreat announcement trailer.

Here’s what players can expect from Hotel & Retreat:

  • Hotel Buildings: Hostels, cabins, hotels, luxurious resorts… you name it! Add series of hotel buildings to your city in a variety of budgets.
  • Hotel Management: Start with a one-star hotel and unlock new options as your business grows in income and popularity.
  • Tourism Buildings: New structures will support your hotels: parks, restaurants, playgrounds and cafes.
  • Location: Matching hotels with good locations will be paramount, as different locations will attract different tourist groups. We’ve added five new maps for your hotels (three European-inspired maps, one tropical map and one temperate map)

Details of the three additional Content Creator Packs that were announced earlier have also been listed. Industrial Revolution includes 70 new buildings from different industrial eras. Japan’s railroads link Japanese public transportation systems including trains and buses. Finally, Brooklyn and Queens add medium-rise, high-density residential buildings inspired by New York neighborhoods.

Two more radio stations will also be available as part of the content update. One would be devoted to piano songs, while the other would focus on 90s pop. Both radio stations have approximately one hour of music each.

Hotels and Retreats as well as new Content Creator Packs and Radio Stations will launch on May 23.