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Parashara’s Light Astrology Software (Commercial Edition) – (English + Hindi) for Windows (USB Pendrive)

Price: ₹14,160.00
(as of May 08,2023 17:26:34 UTC – Details)

Uniqueness – World’s largest astrology software with 5000 astrological calculations and largest number of research feature
Accuracy – 100% accurate calculations (certified by LBS Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth)
User Friendliness – most user friendly interface and customizable according to one’s own preference and choice
Worksheet – 5 extremely user-friendly worksheets
Numerous Options – users themselves can set various calculation, charting and panchang options e.g. Rahu/Ketu – ture or mean, Karaks – including or excluding Rahu, Sunrise – centre or Edge etc
Birth Data Entry – Only software with inbuilt latitude and longitude of 50 lac locations with automatic lookup of Timezone and DST, LMT, ST etc
Advance File Manager – for creation of unlimited charts of any number of user defined groups
Chart Style – Beautifully designed, colored and customizable charts availabe in North Indian, South Indian, Circular, Bengali and Oriya chart styles
Printing – Colored printouts of large number of pre-configured/user defined printing models
Accounting – Inbuilt accounting
Unique Change Time Tool – Time can be changed on single click with on the fly charting to analyze various charts
Available Calculations:
Birth Charts
Divisional Chart
Planetary Details
Basic calculations
Panchanga Details
Sub Planets Special Points
Gochar (Transit)
Panch Pakshi
Compatibility (Horoscope matching)
Krishnamurti paddhati Prashna
Available Predictions:
Physical Health
Classical Interpretation
Life Time Interpretations
Dasha Phala
Gochara Phala
Compatibility (Horoscope matching)

Contains a Hardware Dongle for additional security. The software contents are provided on a USB Pendrive
Operating Software – Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7
Required RAM- 4GB RAM, Required Hard Disk- 300MB free disk space
Lifetime customer support through mail, phone and Teamviewer