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PlayStation VR2 will be available at local retailers soon -By Fsk

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset will soon be available through local retailers.

Until now, the hardware was only available through Sony’s PlayStation Direct Store but that is set to change on May 12.

UK retailer GAME is offering pre-registration for buyers, which others will be sure to follow.

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A Bloomberg report in March suggested that Sony sold less than 300k PlayStation VR2 units in its first six weeks. Its shipment forecast was slashed just ahead of release and Sony was expected to sell around 1m units after reducing pre-order numbers.

It is likely that the PlayStation Direct exclusivity hindered sales.

Meanwhile, sales of the PlayStation 5 console are on the rise. Earlier today we reported that Sony has now sold over 38 million units, while PS Plus subscriptions are also on the rise.

The PSVR2 was not included in these latest earnings reports.

For those who buy the headset, it is a “VR enthusiast’s dream” according to Eurogamer’s Ian Higton.

“This headset massively increases the breadth and quality of VR experiences on PlayStation and after using PSVR2 to own a PSVR first feels like a true generational leap, while playing Mario 64 for the first time, he wrote in our PSVR2 review.