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Plus-up funds and third stimulus examine: What occurs if the IRS owes you cash

The IRS based totally your third stimulus confirm on each your 2019 or 2020 tax return, counting on which was on file. Nevertheless as quickly as your 2020 return is processed, it could change the amount you’re owed.

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Within the occasion you’ve obtained your third stimulus check already, you may be due a “plus-up” payment if the IRS underestimated your amount based totally in your taxes. With the model new spherical of $1,400 payments going out within the midst of tax season, the IRS may need calculated your payment using older information for you and your family members to determine your eligibility. It might be difficult, nevertheless right here is how the IRS is coping with these catch-up funds.

Whether or not or not you purchased your confirm in any other case you’re nonetheless prepared, you may need requested: Will your eligibility for the new payment be based totally in your 2019 or 2020 taxes? What if you didn’t file taxes in 2019, or haven’t filed your 2020 return yet? (Till you request an extension, you will want to file by the new deadline of May 17.) What in case your circumstances have changed since you remaining filed, like if you earned less income in 2020, or if you had a baby

We’ve got the details you need, along with who’s right away eligible for a “plus-up” funds from the IRS to applicable any changes to stimulus money you’re owed based totally in your 2020 tax returns, and what happens if the IRS owes you a catch-up payment down the highway. Moreover, listed under are 9 unusual stimulus check facts, what we study a fourth stimulus check, strategies to track your payment to this point and brush up on qualifications for the $3,600 child tax credit.) This story has been updated with new information.

How the IRS is dealing with third stimulus confirm calculations when it comes to 2019 and 2020 earnings

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The March stimulus bill states the IRS would determine your full third stimulus payment based totally in your adjusted gross income, or AGI out of your newest tax return — each your 2019 or your 2020 return, if you’ve filed the latter this 12 months in time for the IRS to seek out out your payment.

There are a variety of implications to this. As an example, if you earned further in 2020 than in 2019, nevertheless the IRS makes use of your 2019 return (and gives you further stimulus money than you may be eligible for), you won’t have to return that money (further below). That’s assuming you haven’t filed your 2020 taxes. 

And if the corporate owes you more money based totally on 2020 taxes than 2019, then you definately would possibly uncover you’re prepared for one among two points to happen. Each the IRS routinely sends a catch-up, or “plus-up” payment between now and the Dec. 31, 2021 deadline for sending stimulus checks, in any other case you’ll should say the money later. 

The IRS is at current accepting 2020 tax returns by means of May 17, the new Tax Day deadline. Within the occasion you’re anticipating a tax refund hat consists of missing stimulus money from the first two stimulus checks, we notably counsel setting up direct deposit with the IRS if you shouldn’t have already acquired it, so that you just get your tax refund back much sooner.

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That is what happens if the IRS owes you further stimulus money

In plenty of situations, the IRS might have issued your confirm sooner than it processes your 2020 tax return. Within the occasion you filed your return and your circumstances modified in 2020 in a method which may bring you more stimulus money on this spherical — equal to if you earned less income, or if you had a baby or added a new dependent — you may be owed a “plus-up” payment from the IRS.

For people who did submit their 2020 taxes, the IRS is currently issuing plus-up payments to people who obtained their third stimulus payment in March based totally on their 2019 tax return, nevertheless are eligible for a much bigger payment based totally on their not too way back processed 2020 tax returns — principally, making up the excellence in what you’re owed. These funds have already started going out for some, with an enormous portion of direct deposit modifications issued spherical April 7. Plus-up funds will proceed weekly, the IRS said

Within the occasion you’re owed a plus-up payment, you shouldn’t must file an amended tax return or do the remaining to say it, other than file your 2020 tax return as shortly as doable. The IRS must ship it out routinely as quickly because it processes your new return, likely by direct deposit or by paper confirm, if you happen to shouldn’t have your account particulars on file.


With tax returns and third stimulus checks occurring on the equivalent time, the IRS has its fingers full.

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What happens if my plus-up payment not at all arrives? 

The IRS has until Dec. 31, 2021, to finish sending stimulus confirm funds, and that will embrace the catch-up funds for individuals who discover themselves nonetheless owes stimulus money. However when the automated adjustment not at all arrives, what do you must do?

The very very first thing is to make sure you know how lots stimulus money it’s best to anticipate, using our stimulus calculator as a baseline. If the amount the IRS tells you to anticipate differs tremendously from the total the IRS said it gave you in a confirmation letter, you’ll have to protect an eagle eye out for payment modifications. 

If the extra money not at all arrives, you may need to file a declare, each later in 2021 (if the IRS opens up an adjustment window) or in all probability a 12 months any longer your 2021 tax return — similar to the current Recovery Rebate Credit for missing stimulus check money from the first two rounds of stimulus funds.

We’ve got reached out to the IRS for further information on how prolonged it could take to ship out all of these supplemental funds, and what to do in case your plus-up payment not at all arrives. We’ll exchange the story as soon as we get further information. 

What about if the IRS makes use of my 2019 tax return, nevertheless I earned more money in 2020?

Within the occasion you qualify for the entire third stimulus payment based totally in your 2019 taxes nevertheless don’t qualify based totally in your 2020 taxes — assuming the IRS used your 2019 return — you won’t must pay the IRS once more for that discrepancy. Listed below are situations the place you’ll need to return money to the IRS.


In case your circumstances modified in 2020, you may be owed further stimulus money from the IRS.

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What to know if the IRS not at all processed your 2019 tax return

Due to pandemic-related delays, the IRS continues to be working its method by means of a backlog of paper tax returns from 2019. As of the tip of January 2021, there have been 6.7 million individual income tax returns for 2019 that had however to be processed, in keeping with the corporate. These processing delays may be on account of numerous points, along with a mistake, missing information, or suspected identification theft or fraud. If the IRS contacts you for further information, it’s best to get a letter. Resolving the difficulty then depends on how shortly and exactly you get once more to the corporate. 

However, the model new bill specifies {{that a}} third stimulus check shall be based totally in your 2019 or 2020 tax return — not your 2018 one. 

The bill says:

On the concept of knowledge obtainable to the Secretary shall, on the concept of such information, determine the advance refund amount with respect to such specific particular person.

In case your 2019 tax return continues to be being processed, the proper issue to do correct now might be to file your 2020 return electronically as shortly as it’s possible you’ll, in keeping with Janet Holtzblatt, a senior fellow on the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. However when the holdup in processing your 2019 return is due to a difficulty that moreover occurs in your 2020 return, your 2020 return would possibly get slowed down, which can delay your payment, Holtzblatt talked about. 

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What if my third stimulus payment not at all arrives, or if money is missing?

Within the occasion you’re eligible to receive a third stimulus check, nevertheless yours not at all arrives by direct deposit, paper checkEIP card or Direct Categorical card (for example if you receive SSI, SSDI or veterans benefits), you’ll likely must take one different step to say that money. This occurred to hundreds and hundreds of people in the middle of the first and second round of payments for several different reasons, along with IRS errors, out-of-date banking information or addresses and nonfilers not taking an extra step to get the IRS their information.

Very like with the first and second checks, you’ll likely be succesful to declare any missing money from the third confirm owed to you or your dependents all through tax season subsequent 12 months, 2022. However, the IRS has however to say if there shall be a risk to claim missing money in 2021 instead. The simplest issue to do correct now to confirm your third confirm does arrive is to file your tax return as soon as possible, even when you don’t usually must file one.

For further, check out what it’s best to and shouldn’t do if you’re still waiting for your third stimulus check to arrive, and what everyone knows to this point a few potential fourth stimulus payment

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