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Poll: Would you like a Nintendo Cinematic Universe? -By Fsk

Regardless of your personal opinion on the Super Mario Bros. movie, it’s safe to say that it has been a massive success. Last week, it was named the highest-grossing film of 2023 and the biggest video game adaptation of all time, which isn’t bad!

We’ve already speculated about where the next installment of the Mario movies could go next, but given how well the man with the mustache has started on the silver screen, it wouldn’t be surprising if more than one of these theories turns out to be true going forward. Tax.

There’s plenty of material within the Mario universe to cover the movies, but what about the Nintendo Cinematic Universe? There have already been plenty of Pokémon movies (well, just one in the latter department so far), both animated and live-action.

Super mario bros movie trailer.

Maybe a movie following Samus on the job fighting the Space Pirates. Or an Animal Crossing movie where we find out the origin of the beef between Tom Nook and Red. Heck, I’d watch a movie where Kirby goes on a cute adventure with Waddle Dees for 90 minutes (mouthful mode would be desired but not necessary).

Now, while this isn’t exactly prominent to the plotline, the meeting of Nintendo franchises within the Super Smash Bros. series is the perfect kind of Avengers-style team gathering. SSB Games also features Single-player mode with cutscenes and plot. how can one top hp_hollowtonesThe genius script for Wario in Subspace Emissary is beyond me, though.

Is the Nintendo catalog not “serious” enough for a cinematic universe? Or maybe you think it’ll work because of how lightweight it is? Do you love or hate the idea of ​​Mario, Link, and Zelda teaming up to defeat Bowser and Ganondorf? Let us know your thoughts! Would you like a Nintendo Cinematic Universe?

(And Nintendo, if you’re here, I think you should make a movie about Kirby and Ditto becoming friends and accidentally causing havoc on Popstar Planet and Kanto, and it’s up to Captain Olimar and his Pikmin to They save the day and restore order. DM me and we can work something out.)